News From Across the Realm, Volume 1, Issue 4

PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – November 27, 2011 – by Ashlynn – Much has been happening throughout the Kingdom of Britannia and beyond these past few weeks, from more uprisings to yet another orcish raid on our wondrous shores and more.

Orc Pirates Raid Jhelom

A few nights ago, a large force of orc corsairs made landfall on the island of Southern Jhelom. The orcs proceeded to set fire to every building on the island, looting as they went before a volunteer guard force finally arrived to drive them back into the sea. The volunteer guard force then proceeded to give chase in their own ships and crippled the lead corsair vessel, capturing the warlords of the orcish attack in the process (or at least so some have said).

However, later reports including an official statement by Commander Foxx suggested that the orc leaders actually escaped during the chaos of battle and are still currently at large. It would seem it was another orc ship that was crippled during the encounter, it’s captain’s either seized or slain. In anycase, heralds all across the kingdom have been informed to alert all citizens to the dangerous marauders of the invading force still at loose.

A Healer’s Examination

Those cities and townships wishing to gain the favour of the Healer’s Guild were invited to take an examination yesterday evening, with good grades ensuring patronage by the guild. Many cities and townships desire the services of the Healer’s Guild to aid help citizens with various ailments and recover from accidents or wounds sustained during raids by by bandits, orcs, tsuki wolves or perhaps even a huge horde of black shadowy nightmares.

The Healer’s Guild has promised to contribute such a service should the towns prove themselves worthy through a variety of tasks, exercises and expeditions. Previously, aspirants have performed duties on behalf of the Royal Guard and provided a host of literature for the Guild’s library, with the latest task being a written exam on the practice of medicine.

For those unable to attend yesterday evenings examination, the guild has promised more opportunities to gain favour in the weeks to come.

Another Hidden Code?

In a recent edition of the Britain Beacon, yet another code was hidden within the text of one particular article. The code itself was deciphered as reading “Tort continues to be a liability. Those should be an accident.” There may be more to the coded message, but analysis of the rest of the text is yet to reveal anything.

The message itself is somewhat cryptic, but it would appear that either the article’s author or the one responsible for providing the lucky numbers is colluding with whoever was involved in Lady Tavalia’s death. It would certainly be wise for Royal investigations on this front to turn their attention to the Britain Beacon.

Snow On The Way!

Diviners and Astrologers across the realm have predicted heavy snowstorms heading our way in the next few weeks or so, sure to blanket our realm in a carpet of gleaming white.

Travelers should beware of the roads during the height of the winter season and should avoid making any journeys unless absolutely necessary, lest they become trapped on some lonely road and die of exposure to the elements. Members of the esteemed Lyceaum have also advised citizens to be on the look out for increased snow and ice elemental activity during the harshest winter weather.

Arenas Appear Throughout the Land

While tavern and pit-fights have always been a popular past time for the more competitive and martially inclined, a mysterious organisation or merchant house has recently finished construction on and opened a number of new arenas both in and out of the Kingdom. One of these structures can be found near Haven whilst the other can be found deep within the jungles of the lost lands.

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