Nidaros Anniversary, Week 4 – Horse Race and Party

Nidaros, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 28, 2011 – by Ashlynn – Last night the final week of celebrations was held before the banner of Nidaros. Speeches were given, awards handed out and a good time was had by all.

A number of people turned out to participate in the revelry and the main event of the evening – The Nidaros Horse Race. But before such things could begin, it was first time for the weekly statehood meeting!

The only announcements were regarding an upcoming celebration of thanksgiving in Dragon’s Watch, including the traditional Bring a Friend game. There was also word that Lady Phoenix would be organising another expedition on friday evening and that all who wished to join the venture should meet at the Tea House in PaxOku at 8pm by the eastern clock.

Then it was time for the race to begin. The particpants (which included Winfield, Winmere, Nanoc, Phoenix, Steven Maturin and myself) lined up at the starting line. We were then informed that our route would take us from Nidaros, through Yew, all the way to Minoc. We would circle the great statue in the middle of town before riding back the same way. There would be obstacles and someone to keep an eye on us as we rode.

And then the race began, but my horse (affectionately named Glue) quickly developed a limp that forced me to pull out of the race as I reached Gyldenfeld. The rest rode hard for the City of Minoc.

At over half way through the race, Winfield and Winmere were both some ways ahead of the rest, but the distance between them was very small. In the end however, the Governor managed to pull ahead (scattering wet fish on the road behind to distract his opponents I suspect) and took first place. Lady Winmere came in second followed a short while later by Lord Nanoc in third.

Once the race was over, Mayor Zanku prepared seating infront of the banner and we all sat down to watch the awards ceremony and speeches. For his victory in the race, Governor Winfield was given the gift of a Golden Jingasa. The winner of the Short Story Contest was announced as Lord Mach of Dragons watch and his reward was a gold-bound copy of his book.

Then came time for gifts to be given to Nidaros and the people. The Governor handed Mayor Zanku a fine cake and the town was even honoured by the people of Guardian’s Gate, their gift being a finely carved red box presented by Lord Morpheus Mardox, containing what I can only imagine was a very expensive gift.

Once the formalities were over, everyone moved over to where the food an alcohol could be found and spent the rest of the evening in a manner befitting any good celebration.

Though the anniversary celebrations are over, this was only the first for the reformed Town of Nidaros of what we hope are many more to come.

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