Orcs Attack Barrier Island!

Trinsic, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 10, 2011 – by Ashlynn – A large force of orcs made landfall on Barrier Island yesterday evening, occupying the isle beside Trinsic for some time before they were dislodged by a force of Royal Militia.

Volunteers arrived at Serpent’s Hold for regular training excercises, only to find themselves called in to action when a “paladin” envoy (I do wonder if paladin would be accurate considering I was attacked by one of their number not long ago) came rushing in to warn us all about the orcs and ask for aid in repelling the invaders.

Commander Foxx quickly rallied those present and powerful magics transported us to the Paladin Stronghold in Trinsic. From there we marched to the Barrier bridge and attacked the host of orcs present.

As the bodies piled up with few losses to the Royal Militia and City Guard, the orc mages called upon their own fell magics, summoning terrible green-skinned daemons known as Putrifiers. These beasts caused a great deal of damage and chaos before they were finally overwhelmed by the guard.

After the battle, Commander Foxx asked if any had found documents or other items of note that might give insight into the reasons for the attack, but none were recovered. With the island secure, everyone headed back to Serpent’s Hold where a short promotion ceremony was held that saw Ozog, Lycanthropy, Bon Iver and Tip Toe all promoted to private before everyone was dismissed.

The motives behind the incident therefore remain a mystery, but if history tells us anything, I suspect we will discover the truth behind them soon enough. And I would not be surprised if Kendrick Morrow was involved somehow.

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