Adventures of Kelin 2 – Kelin and the Juice Dance

Silent Rose Library, PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – January 17, 2006 – by Tatania Karthina –

It was a warm summer day and Milla was sitting in the back yard enjoying the sunshine and watching Kelin play with his pet ferret. Kelin is rolling over and over in the fragrant grass, Suz chattering like mad and hopping over him. Shrieks of laughter fill the air. Infants, Gaius and Tara sleep continently beneath the shade of a tree.

Caius, yawning, came down to the garden, a mug of coffee in his hand calls out, “Hail Sister of mine.”

she looks up, her face lighting up when she see him, “Caius! Hail to you! You’re just the man I was wanting to see.”

Caius folded into a cross-legged sit, “Oh? What have I done this time?” spoken dryly.

Milla takes a sip of her hot tea then grins, “aye… nothing this time but… for the cruises… since it looks like it will go over so well… I think we’ll need someone to host them… I was hoping if I can get a few to do it, it will not be often. Will you do it?”

Already his head was shaking, “Oh no.. I’m a Paladin, Not a Cruise Ship Host”

Long golden limbs, appear at the garden gate and a girl of about 12 opens the gate and steps into the garden, “Papa! I thought I’d find you here! Auntie Milli!” She beams radiantly, bouncing on her feet and darting gracefully to them, she plops down on her backside. “Hail Kelin!”, she calls out before looking to the sleeping twins, “They’ve grown so much!”

Kelin pauses in his play to call out his greetings, “Hal! Hal!” before standing and toddling to them, plopping into Lilac’s lap and giving her slobbery kisses all over her face.

Lilac absentmindedly wraps her arms around him, pulling him closer with efficient ease, kissing his neck and blowing zerbitz on his cheek before letting him down, “Auntie, may I have some juice?”

Milla grins to her niece, “Of course you may. Would you please fill Kelin’s cup as well?”

The girl nods and hops up to run to the house to make the juice. While she is gone, Kelin settles beside his Uncle and reaches into his pouch for a chocolate. The lad carefully unwraps the treat and bites off half of it, then bright blue eyes looking up into his Uncle’s he exclaims, “Papa teeched Suz trick!” He looks back to his pet ferret and holds a small portion of the chocolate over her head, “Danc Suz!”

The ferret Suz stands on her hind legs and reaches for the chocolate, turning in circles amidst Kelin’s shrieks of laughter. Kelin finally rewards Suz with the treat and the ferret scampers off to eat it.

Caius grabs the boy, growling and tickles, roughing him up a bit as Kelin squeals and laughs, squirming. Finally, giving the lad a hug, Caius settles Kelin in his lap.

Lilac returns and absently holds Kelin’s juice out to him, way above his head. He reaches for it then standing, starts turning in circles and jumping, while still in in Cai’s lap.

Caius blinks as Milla groans, the former speaking, “Whoa lad…” Said in a strained voice as he grabbed and held the boy up off his lap.

Lilac blinks and giggles then handing setting the juice on the blanket beside her papa, trying not to laugh, “Who taught you the Juice dance Kelin?”

The lad answers gleefully after slurping his juice, “Papa!”

Caius eyes Milla with brow raised, “What the Kings was that?”

Milla trying hard not to laughs answers, “That’s a new one on me!”

Caius just shakes his head, knowing that there is no telling what all the lad will learn in this crazy household.

Kelin nods solemnly and speaks, “Papa teech me to firt wid the pwetty girls next!” To demonstrate he blinks at his cousin. trying to wink.

Laughing, Lilac stands and takes Kelin’s hand, “Come on Kelin… let’s go get some of those cookies your mama made today.”

The pair of them amble off to the house to get away from the adults for awhile, Lilac taking the time to carefully teach Kelin how to escape

the gate blocking off his bedroom door.


The Saga of Kelin and his adventures will continue in “The Adventures of Kelin – The Potted Plants”, coming soon to the bookstore at The

PaxOku Silent Rose Library!

Peace and Knowledge be with you!

Tatania Karthina

17 January 2006

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I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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