The Mushroom Mystery

The Abyss, Ter Mur, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – May 20, 2011 – by Winmere – After reading Lady Ashlynn’s study on Sosarian mushrooms, it reminded me of a puzzling phenomenon I have observed concerning mushrooms.  The first noted occurrence was in the Abyss and the second observance was in the Fandancer Dojo.

There are limited means of passage into the Abyss, so over time, the passageways become familiar.  The Abyss is dark and gloomy in most places, so you tend to notice anything with color.  This particular day in September, I was taking a familiar mountain path when I saw red poppies blooming where white mushrooms usually grew.  Puzzled, I explored many paths through the Abyss that day, looking for mushrooms, but I only found blooming flowers in their stead.  I returned the next day and explored the same areas again, but this time, I found mushrooms growing where the flowers had bloomed.  I thought this must be something unique that happens only in the Abyss, but I was wrong.

Over a fortnight ago, I had a similar experience in the Fandancer Dojo.  I entered the third level, when it struck me as odd that flowers were blooming everywhere.  Immediately, I rushed off to the Abyss to see if flowers were blooming there again.  They were.  If only I had more time, I would have explored other dungeons.  The following day, the mushrooms had returned, once again, to both dungeons.   I noticed that the Miniature Mushrooms and the single flat-capped mushrooms retain their identity and do not blossom into flowers.

In the last eight months, I have only seen this transformation twice, and always inside a dungeon.  Obviously, it could have happened more than twice, because I do not visit dungeons everyday.  It’s also possible that it happens outside dungeons too, but might be less noticeable if the mushrooms are blooming in grassy areas where flowers naturally grow.  When I observe it again, I shall definitely check the Mushroom Cave to note any changes there.

What does it all mean?  Is it an evil omen?  Or a sign of good luck?  Should I play the [SHE] lotto when the mushrooms are blooming?  Do the gods know this is happening, or better yet, why?  Is there a rhyme or reason for this madness?  Clearly, there is not enough information to draw any definitive conclusions.  Perhaps the dear readers of The PaxLair Times will be vigilant and aid in chronicling the dates and locations when they notice these types of events happening.

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