Horrors of the Nemesis Stone

Scribe’s Confinement, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – April 21, 2011 – by Ashlynn – Much has happened since the large black obelisks were first seen in townships across Sosaria. What was initially a curious, though unsettling work of art in the form of an obsidian monument soon turned to horror as strange black shadowy creatures began to pull themselves free of the obelisks and attack residents days later. Defenders rallied to destroy the menace but there were more than a few casualties incurred in the process.

The events were worrying enough for Lord Balandar to get involved and he set to work immediately investigating the nature of the sinister structures. Soon enough, volunteers were summoned and those who answered the call were informed that the obelisks were the work of Kendrick Morrow himself and that his next goal seemed to be the destruction of the townships located in Felucca. We were instructed that we would be charged with stopping any evils that might be unleashed upon the towns and recovering whatever was found upon their remains, as it would be key to stopping the threat altogether!

Mazrim or The False Mazrim?

The manifestations themselves were the fears and horrors of each town’s citizens. In Dragons Watch we had to do battle with a great dragon. In Aryslan, Mazrim himself seemed to manifest, rampaging through the old town ruins. An undead warrior in noble-looking armour struck at the Citadel of the Fallen and more horrors appeared in Moria, PaxLair City and the hamlet belonging to the Templar Order.

Despite the evil arrayed against us however, we were ultimately victorious and strange items were indeed recovered from the creatures we fought. Even the obelisks were destroyed in the process by Lord Balandar or so it seemed anyway.

We all disbanded after the din of battle faded (I decided to leave slightly earlier) with some progress made in combating the new threat against our towns. It seemed there was nothing to do but wait for the next assault against the settlements located in Trammel.

We did not have to wait long.

Called "Phobic Terrors", they were a challenge even for the draconic pets of the defenders.

Yesterday evening, more inky-black horrors attacked townships across the facet, no doubt the vanguard for greater horrors to come much as it was in Felucca. Though they were once again defeated, the true fears of these places will certainly manifest in the days ahead. All we can do is remain vigilant be ready to fight them when they deign to appear.

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