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Trammel vs. Felucca Event Print
Written by Gareth   
Tuesday, 04 September 2007


On September 11, 2007 starting at 9 PM ET, Guardians Gate and PaxOku will host a Trammel versus Felucca fighting event in the Jhelom Dueling Pit.  The event is designed to determine which Facet is the strongest, according to event planners Daria Blackmoor, Lord Gareth, and Lord Issac.  There are "No Rules -- Just Blood and Death".


Spring of Courage Water Retrieved - Paladins Protected in PaxOku Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Thursday, 16 August 2007


This report is provided pending a more detailed news article being written. Images in sequence of the action are contained within, currently without comment.

Tonight, Thursday, August 16th, Walt the Chemist's report on water tests aided in the people's decisions to press forward with a plan. Mayor Ga'kuct of PaxLair City was extremely skeptical about the plan, seeing it as an "ebil" plan. The Mayor is keeping a close eye on the level of water in the Spring of Courage; he will be very upset if the water level goes down as people take water from the Stream of Courage.

A group of adventurers did manage to find an outflow from the Stream of Courage and obtain water from the Spring of Courage.

The adventurers then anointed paladins Nanoc and Phoenix as diplomats from Dragons Watch for entry into PaxOku. The PaxOku Well of Souls did not react to their passive presence.

The adventurers placed water barrels of Spring of Courage water around the Well in PaxOku, but did not pour any water into the Well.

Much occurred at the Well and about 12 people gathered. Screams were heard from Paladin souls from inside the Well. Daine, who was turned to human after entering and returning from the Well a few nights ago, also came to offer her sensations and memories about the Well.

The Gatekeeper was present for some time, and Valtos the Void [an evil questmaster] also appeared for a brief moment.

Earlier in PaxLair City, Sebrina of Moonglow encouraged all to help bring water from the Fountain of Truth in Moonglow; the water will help nourish the citizens of PaxOku. People are needed to fill barrels of water and ship them to PaxOku.

The adventurers also thought that waters of the Fountain of Truth may have special powers of some kind, just like waters from the Spring of Courage. The alchemist will be called in again to test waters from the Fountain of Truth.

There was even talk about water of Love, if such a Spring or Fountain exists. Perhaps it is "lava" of Love; people currently just speculate.

From the "good" point of view, the next steps dealing with PaxOku's Well of Souls are not yet totally clear, and many options are being proposed. A major step will likely be to retrieve lost souls from within the Well that may not rightly belong there. 

Images from the adventure are below. 

PaxOku Reconstruction, Appointments, Lease, New Village Print
Written by Merik, Oku News Network   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007

PAXOKU, HOMARE-JIMA - August 15, 2007

Mayor Gareth met with Pholcus Boxeur the council chair of the VoidQueen District of PaxOku City. During their talks the district wishes to become a Village residing within PaxOku city. At first the Mayor with just coming back was in a bit of shock at this. The councilwoman feels that if it were to be given village status it would make the people who live there feel safe. For it to be their own. She went on to tell that within all the cites besides Umbra, people who walk her path have no village or city of their own. This could also promote a safe haven, neutrality and a better way to live. After much discussion behind doors. Mayor Gareth announced he is granting the district the ability to become a village.

As of now the village will be called the The Village of VoidQueen. The citizens of the newly founded village will be asked to name the village.

A viceroy is to be picked to report to the Mayor. Councilwoman Pholcus Boxeurplanned to step down as soon as Neira of RBG was ready to take over as the councilwoman. Now it is up to Neira to choose if she wishes to become the new Viceroy of the village.

The Village will need to come up with a charter and village government. It will need its own guards to patrol it as well.


An Undead Soldier Laid to Rest Print
Written by Daine   
Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The town meeting scattered, the citizens disgruntled and unsatisfied with the desperate situation in PaxOku. Sarberius approached a dark, deathly figure lurking in a corner atop the Mage Tower. Words were exchanged, a gate was cast...

Sarberius and the Death Knight Daine stood side-by-side, looking deep into a ruined well... The Shadow stood behind them, watching. Sarberius was the first to take her life and enter the well.

And then the Shadow asked Lady Daine, 'Why do you wish to enter the Well of Souls?'

At first the Death Knight said nothing, as though struggling with two parts of herself for an answer. And then, a swirling breeze, cold as death, emitted from her helm, and she spoke:


I am dead already, and should be able to return from the Well... differently.

If I do not return, that is only fewer days of torment for me.

I am only alive because the Dark Lord of Gehenna seeks to use me for his evil.

The light within me is small.

If I can get to the bottom of the Well, perhaps I can overcome that light, which the Dark Lord uses against me, and be free from him, and more powerful.

If not, that light will merely be extinguished on its own, and the good part of me may rest in peace at last, and no longer will I torment.

Now to die...

The dark figure then entered the well, the Shadow looking on, saying, 'Their deaths are just the beginning!'

+ + + + +

Sputtering and splashing in a wet, tangled white sheet, a beautiful woman with long black hair pulled herself away from a giant stone well, and, shivering, terrified, tried to take in her foreign surroundings. In a soft and quavering voice, she asked... 'Where am I?'

PaxOku Decree Banning Paladins is Lifted Print
Written by Katherine   
Sunday, 12 August 2007

PAXOKU, TOKUNO - August 12, 2007

In light of recent events in the city of PaxOku with the appearance of the well of souls and the death of Mayor Gareth, I am lifting the ban on paladins entering the city.

Furthermore, I humbly offer my thanks to any paladins who wish to aid the city and its citizens.

Lady Katherine,
Emergency Acting Mayor of PaxOku

Mayor Gareth dead! Evil Gareth on the Loose! More damage in PaxOku! Print
Written by Katherine   
Saturday, 11 August 2007

After an unfortunate but necessary absence from the Realm, I undertook a full inspection of the city. The results are disturbing. The corrupted water has spread northeast into the VirtueWind and PaxKrat Districts, polluting the entrances to both my Museum Annex and Mayor Gareth's office. The Blue Light and DukeLoth Districts to the southwest are also showing damage. Worst of all, the VoidQueen District appears to be a total loss, with some unknown devastation taking out the buildings there.

In addition, what used to be the PaxOku City Well is destroyed as well, with an apparent entrance to the Well of Souls wide-open. The evil Gareth, thought to be destroyed, is now loose among us again while Mayor Gareth is dead. However, mediums in our midst have made contact with his spirit in the well, and it is hoped that a large concerted effort by multiple mediums may gather more information.

I humbly ask that the citizens of PaxOku, as well as any other citizens of the Realm that may assist, give me any assistance you can offer. I am open to any and all suggestions right now for dealing with the disaster that has befallen our city.

Lady Katherine,
Emergency Acting Mayor of PaxOku

Lady Katherine given Emergency Government Power Print
Written by Oku News Network   
Wednesday, 08 August 2007

PAXOKU, TOKUNO - August 8, 2007

Last night Mayor Gareth was killed by the well and his soul sucked into the well of souls or the underground water river...we are unsure. In government the powers would fall to the Deputy Mayor. Problem being the Deputy Mayor is missing. Now it falls onto Miss Kayi the City Council Chairwoman. Another problem is she just came back from a long trip and has no clue on what is going on. She gave her emergency government power to Lady Katherine. Chairwoman of the VirtueWind District.

The following has been issued from the Emergency Mayoral Power of Lady Katherine.

-The DukeLoth district is to be evacuated.
-The VirtueWind district is to be evacauted.

All displaced citizens are to report to the Teahouse and Silent Rose Library for a place to stay.

Also uncharted water way has been found going to the eastern side of PaxOku.


PaxOku Government Cover Up Revealed!!! Print
Written by Oku News Network   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Neira and Lord Gareth were seen at the now almost completely destroyed well speaking. It would seem the newly dug well may have a slight problem...It was said that when the digging began they may have damaged the blackrock area that lines the well of souls in PaxOku.

The well of souls may take in souls but, must remain balanced. For if you sacrifice to many virtuous people the well will become Anti Virtue. If you sacrifice to many Anti virtuous people it will become virtue. The well itself must always have balance so it may remain neutral.

Alas since they damaged the lineing of the well of souls all of the Paladins that were exictued within PaxOku the well took in. It is my beliefe that the reason the well and now water supply in the city reacts with such a destructive force would be, the well does not need anymore Paladin souls. Now the water supply being connected to the well of souls has spread the effect over time down the supply line.

The now explosive supply has reached the entire VoidQueen district of PaxOku. It is now flowing to the DukeLoth District and soon the VirtueWind district. It has infected the Angelic's Crafters hall. The tailors layed Goza mats down to cover up the disgusting smelling water.

We have infact found a flow chart of this well supply in the Silent Rose Library. The Red shows where it flows and the green shows where it has already reached.


From what the Mayor has released to us tonight. The following will be announced at tonights Pax meeting.

1. The VoidQueen District is under a complete evacuation.

2. DukeLoth District under a voluntary evacuation. This may change within the next ten hours as we watch the flow.

3. VirtueWind District under a voluntary evacuation.

4. Blue Light District under warning.

The well of souls has infact mixed with the water well below the city. We know how the well of souls reacts on it's own but, have never planned a senario to where it would be free to flow around the city and mix with water. Also with it being unbalanced we have not prepaired for that.

Dark Forces begin to gather in PaxOku awaiting decision Print
Written by Oku News Network   
Monday, 06 August 2007

A Shadowlord has called fourth his forces awaiting the decision to come to PaxOku. The language they speak is hard to understand but, the words seemed harsh and cold.

Vampires and Necromancers have also been seen in the area around the city. It would seem from what I can see from under the steps of the Mayor Office in PaxOku, that this seems to be a large group gathering.

Stealthing seems to be one thing these groups do well. When all is quiet they appear. During a very loud and epic speech the only words I could make out were: Paladin Corruption, Souls, wells and also a new home.

I do have so many questions. WHy the gathering? What will happen if the law is over turned or if it is kept? Is this a fighting force to oppose the statehood laws? Or have they just found a new home?

Shadowlords appear in PaxOku prior to the final ruling
about the PaxOku Decree banning Paladins from the city 

Paladins Die in PaxOku - Mayoral Decree in Question Print
Written by Vaul Adlatus_Pax   
Sunday, 15 July 2007


Nine paladins were killed in PaxOku yesterday. It is not clear who killed them, but the reason is clear.  PaxOku Sheriff CaT announced at the July 10th PaxLair Statehood meeting that Mayor Gareth of PaxOku issued a Mayoral decree banning paladins from PaxOku.  The Mayor re-affirmed the decree yesterday after these killings.  He said paladins broke the "No Paladin Law" in PaxOku and were killed by the his orders.

After the paladin deaths, Mayor NANOC and Deputy Mayor Phoenix from Dragons Watch replaced paladin guards and collected the fallen in PaxOku.  The recovery and re-enforcement effort went without skirmish.

Paladin Cross McLeod of PaxLair City was outraged at the decree.  He sarcastically stated at the July 10th meeting, "Sure, a NO paladins policy is OK, but not a NO orcs policy" referring to orcs running PaxLair City.

The incident has called into question the legalities of Mayor Gareth's decree and the actions of paladins in PaxOku.

PaxOku Mayor Ceremony set for June 25, 2007 Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Sunday, 24 June 2007

PAXOKU, TOKUNO - June 24, 2007

Governor Winfield announced in PaxOku today he will appoint Gareth as Mayor of PaxOku on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 8 PM ET in PaxOku, Tokuno at the PaxOku Mayor's Office and Inn (95-5N, 65-27W, PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno, Chesapeake).

PaxOku City Under Siege Print
Written by Merik   
Tuesday, 01 May 2007


Hail, I am Merik of the Oku News Network. This is your PaxOku War news story update.

This afternoon the SHOT guild invaded the island of Homare-Jima. With Gareth not having a military to command quickly packed his personal items in the Emperors mansion and fled before the SHOT guild arrived.

The challenge was made and the SHOT guild took over as the new army of Homare-Jima island. The New Emperor is Zerk of the SHOT guild.

PaxOku News - April 29, 2007 Print
Written by Gareth   
Sunday, 29 April 2007

PaxOku News

April 29, 2007

by Gareth

UTB stableyard and meeting house is now complete in its construction. Owned by Ryo-Ohki sister of Hinotori a native of PaxOku City. Hinotori use to own the Lucky Fox temple in PaxOku for those that have been around for too long. The house also has a pet training area which has already been tested out by Lord Gareth. From what I am told it is one of the most advanced training areas in the world.

Bake Kitsuns spotted around town now more then ever. With Ryo and Hinotori back in the city they seem to be less shy now. PaxOku government asks that you please do not feed them. They are wild animals and could take your arm off.

Piracy on the Rise?? Print
Written by Gareth   
Monday, 16 April 2007

PAXOKU, TOKUNO - April 16, 2007

Trinsic City is known for great things but, most know it well for its massive ports and city walls. Trinsic one of the major ports in the world sends out regular shipments of Yews Finest wines and ales. The Blue Light Tavern in PaxOku City uses this city to receive its stock for their bar.

Over the past couple weeks shipments of ale have come with only a little ale or have not come at all. The Blue Light Tavern starting to run short on supply went to Zento city to see if they could avoid shipment problems from Trinsic. Zento unfortunately charges almost five times the price Trinsic does.

Stratics Reporter Takes Residence in PaxOku Print
Written by John Duke   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The New Stratics Center.
(Sorry for the blurry Image)

Mayor Tatania Karthina is excited to announce the arrival of a Stratics Reporter to the PaxOku Neighborhood. A structured called "UO Stratics Reporter Office, PaxOku" was seen in the preliminary stages of construction, just south-east of the Homare-Jima Moongate, along the road. The owner was signed as "Kirsten Relic" and is known to be the newest Reporter for the Stratics Network. Although she was unavailable for comment, her home, as of the writing of this article, was sparsely furnished and maintained a new design to it, with paint still drying on the walls.

Mayor Karthina was excited about her new neighbor and looked forward to meeting her in the future.

Welcome to the PaxLair neighborhood Kirsten!

A Speech of Epic Proportions to be Given Print
Written by John Duke   
Thursday, 29 March 2007

Lord Gareth of PaxOku is seeking an audience with any willing ears to hear what promises to be the grandest of speeches to ever be told...according to his publicist. 

(As posted on the PaxLair Forums by Gareth):

A speech is to be given by Gareth 1 of 3 on March 31st 2007. The speech called "Community Cut Off" Should be one of mixed feelings and emotions.
Some things n the speech will be:

Past of PaxLair-
Recent Times of PaxLair-
New tools and ways to help fix some of our problems.

Hope to see at lest one person show up for the big speech!
Gareth 1 of 3 doesn't give speeches very often!



PaxOku is located just East of the Homare-Jima Moongate along the road. You can discuss this article or throw questions at Gareth by going to this thread.

New Maps of PaxOku (with Building Names) Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Sunday, 11 March 2007

PAXOKU (TOKUNO), PAXLAIR - March 11, 2007

Cartographers completed new maps of PaxOku on Homare-jima, Tokuno as the sun started to set across the island.  These maps are enhanced to also indicate the building and owner names.  Cartographers were ordered by Governor Winfield to keep these maps as up to date as possible each month, and to continue to map each city and outpost of the PaxLair Statehood.

PaxOku Map - March 11, 2007

Zoomified Maps without Building Names - 1024x768 and 1280x1024 

Zoomified Maps with Building Names - 1024x768 and 1280x1024

Green Dragon Returns! and PaxOku Adventure Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Friday, 02 February 2007

PAXOKU (TOKUNO), PAXLAIR - February 1, 2007

Green Dragon, an old friend and citizen of PaxLair made a surprise entrance at the weekly PaxOku Adventure night on February 1, 2007.  Green Dragon was the Ambassador of PaxLair in the very early days, including when Lord British visited PaxLair on November 11, 1998.  Governor Winfield, Lady Winmere, Visago of Ellindale, Kethus Ellendale, and Knight Monk gave a warm welcome to Green Dragon and friends Ivy and Anastasia of FSM.

The PaxOku Adventure took 7 brave warriors, mages, and tamers to the Blood Dungeon on Ilshenar.  They quickly dominated an east corridor preventing free passage to all enemies in that sector of the dungeon.  Several paragons appeared to break the adventurer's stronghold position, but died quickly to rune beetles, dragons, skilled archers, and knights.  In desparation, the enemy called in a paragon succubus to support the blood elements, but to no avail.  All enemy were quickly sent back to the abyss.

Fighting continued for over an hour until there was no sign of potential defeat.  Portraits were made of some of the attacks as shown below.

Green Dragon was recognized as one of the Builders of PaxLair on November 11, 1998 when Lord British visited the PaxLair Mage Tower.

PaxOku Defeats the Champion using Great Teamwork and Strategy Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Friday, 19 January 2007


More than 15 people fought and survived a PaxOku-led adventure into a Champion area in Tokuno.  They killed the Champion in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragons after fighting massive numbers of monsters.  With one candle lit on the Champion alter, fighting was easy.  With 17 candles lit, everyone had to team up, create protective fields, heal each other, and work as a team.

In the end, the Champion was no match for the adventurers.  Loot spilled out when the Champion died.  People freely took what loot they desired.  Some donated their gold to the PaxOku adventure team for creating more events for PaxOku and the Realm.

Some people were new to this adventure.  This was one person's first group activity in the Realm and their first Champion "Spawn" adventure.  The person helped kill the monsters, healed the party, and immensely enjoyed the experience working with a group.

Led by Visago, PaxOku adventures are every Thursday night at 9 PM ET at the PaxOku Dueling Pit.  These are group adventures going to some of the most difficult places.  Adventure locations are selected a few days in advance, and adjusted based on the group size attending.

Adventures during PaxLair's Age of Enlightenment are adding "quest-oriented" goals and situations.  Part of the adventures is to learn something in the Realm, visit an interesting place, meet and talk to barkeeps, gypsies, or other people in cities and villages, and solve some riddles or tasks to achieve a goal.

See more of the images from the adventure below. 

PaxOku "Jeopardy" has Tough Questions - Huge Prizes Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Friday, 19 January 2007


PaxOku's celebration day kicked off with a trivia game where every contestant in the audience answered a question about PaxLair or the Realm, and received a wonderful prize.

Mayor Tatania Karthina hosted the "Jeopardy" at the Silent Rose Library.  Some questions were tough, some easy.  The audience could help give clues.  One question in particular asked how many people could sit in the PaxLair City Municipal Building.  A clue from a member of the audience was "somewhere between 35 and 37".  The contestant guessed 36 and got the answer right!

Prizes ranged from 10K gold checks to 1M gold checks, along with other special items.  Everyone answered a question and got two prizes by the end of the night.

The Silent Rose Library at the NE end of the Monks Crossing Road in PaxOku is one of the largest libraries in the Realm, with almost 700 books.  It is also the home of the PaxLair Theatre Company which holds theatrical plays on the top floor stage.  A play is scheduled for Friday, January 19th at 8:30 PM ET. 

Silent Rose Library Expands to Display over 1000 Books Print
Written by Vaul Adlatus_Pax   
Sunday, 07 January 2007


The Silent Rose Library (96-04N 62-00W) in PaxOku recently expanded its bookcase area to be able to display over 1000 books.  The library has nearly 700 books open for public viewing now.  The books range from World books to Seer books to [player] books.  This expansion was done to prepare for the onslaught of books destined to be created during the upcoming PaxLair Age of Enlightenment.

Tatania Karthina, the librarian and Viceroy of PaxOku, welcomed several visitors during the day today, including a person from "Sonoma".  The library area also has a small pub allowing people to rest from their battles in the Kitsune Woods.


The entire library listing of books is kept in the ether, but one must go to the library itself to read the books.  The listing is here.

Silent Rose Library has been in PaxOku for well over a year and now also hosts the PaxLair Theatre Company with a stage and the PaxOku Viceroy's office.

The PaxLair Age of Enlightenment will occur between mid-January and mid-July 2007.  It will involve a complete "immersion" within the Realm.  While it is an age defined in PaxLair, it causes much interaction with cities, veterans, and new people throughout the Realm.  PaxLair is a "cross-roads and melting pot of many people with diverse interests," according to Mayor Winfield of PaxLair.

Museum of Virtues Annex being built in PaxOku Print
Written by Vaul Adlatus_Pax   
Sunday, 07 January 2007

PAXOKU (TOKUNO), PAXLAIR - January 7, 2007

Katherine, the Curator of the Museum of the Virtues, is building a Museum Annex in PaxOku.  The Annex should be open on or about Wednesday, January 10, 2007.  There will be a grand opening planned sometime in the near future.  The Annex will have expanded collections of historical items and knowledge relevant to the PaxLair Age of Enlightenment and other exhibits from the Realm.


Katherine was interviewed at the Silent Rose Library in PaxOku.  Katherine said, "I am glad to build this annex before the Age of Enlightenment."  She explained she'll be supporting PaxLair, if it wishes, by putting new items into the Annex found during the Age so people can do research.

The Annex may also be able to host dinner parties in the historic museum setting.  Katherine is considering this possibility.

Katherine went on to say, "I'd like to first thank Virgilia Martin for acquiring the land for the Annex.  Second, thanks to the people of PaxLair for their kindly patronage of my museum, and hope that they will visit and appreciate the new Annex as well.  Finally, I hope the coming Age of Enlightenment will see many return to the Virtues."

The Museum of the Virtues Annex is planning to cooperate, not duplicate, with the Silent Rose Library and PaxLair Theatre Company.

The Museum of the Virtues main location is on Malas (as shown below).  It has been a superb place to learn about all the ages of the Realm, the Virtues, the Ophidians, the Gargoyles, and many more historical and time relevant facts.

Significant Discoveries in the Painted Caves Print
Written by Visago   
Thursday, 04 January 2007


After hearing tell of the curious cave paintings that the Painted Caves gets it’s name from, Visago of House Ellindale decided to dispatch Arden his most trusted mage to investigate.

The following is the report by Arden to Visago, Steward of House Ellindale:

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