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"Amazing Race" Rules and Plan - Starting Sep 20th!! Print
Written by Vaul Adlatus_Pax   
Monday, 17 September 2007

DRAGONS WATCH - September 16, 2007

There is an "Amazing Race" coming up each month sponsored by Dragons Watch's Deputy Mayor and Mayor, Phoenix and NANOC.  According to Phoenix, the Amazing Race is an ongoing race where one leg is done each month.  The full Race runs for 6 months.

The Race consists of Racers starting and racing through towns and villages looking for clues to the next destinations.  Clues may involve meeting someone, doing a task to obtain a clues, and more.  When the Racer has figured out the clue, they go on to the next spot and complete what is asked of them.  An example of what a clue might be is to look at a skypage or a Forum and if the clue is solved, the Racer gets 5 points for completing it and bringing the answer or item to the start of the Race each month.  Such a clue can be solved IN ADVANCE before the event.  Turn in the clue solution at Skara Brae Community Center on the announced days of the Race.

The first of this monthly event starts on Thursday, September 20th at the Skara Brae Community Center in Trammel near the bank.  There's a second independent running on Sunday, September 23rd for those who can't make it on the 20th.  Now that's a lot of running!!  Racers can not run in both monthly events.  There will be some changes between each running.  Keep an eye on calendars.  Read more below for how the race works.

Interview at Dragons Watch Town Hall
of Phoenix and NANOC about the Amazing Race, September 16, 2007

Proof of Elven Aggression Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 27 April 2007

The Orc Massacre

Proof has been discovered in Dragon's Watch that Elves are torturing and then murdering innocent Orcs. 

Klug da Stu Makr and Kar'nokz were on their way into Dragon's Watch to attempt to make a peaceful resolution with the Evil Elves and to "and to share knowledge and explore cultural differences through learning and understanding", until the Orcs caught wind of a stench, one that could only be emitted from decaying Orc bodies. They followed the smell and discovered a massacre of Orcish remains on top of one of the local establishments. Multiple Orcish helms and Orcish bones were scattered about the place as well as a whip, which may have been used in torture. The remains appeared to have been boiled and had all the meat removed, possibly for some sort of fiendish Elven dish, and the bones kept as trophies, with the helms as their crowns.

NANOC and Phoenix Wedding Print
Written by John Duke   
Wednesday, 04 April 2007

On March 31st, 2007, the PaxLair Community celebrated the binding of two of its most prominent citizens. Mayor NANOC and Vice-Mayor Phoenix, both of Dragon’s Watch, solidified their love by joining in matrimony. The Wedding was held on the Northern Altar of Maginicia, Trammel, and was witnessed by well over 20 citizens of the Chesapeake Shard.

Despite rumors of an invasion of little Neo of Lothlore off springs (Neolytes, as they like to be called) the wedding went off without a hitch as well as the following Wedding party which was gathered at the Hall to the west.

Congratulations NANOC and Phoenix, and bright futures to you from everyone!!


See some pictures and the personalized wedding vows by clicking below to “read more”


[Revised] Wedding Reminder! Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 30 March 2007

Did you know March 31st, 2007 was a Saturday? I didn't, sorry!

The wedding of Lord Nanoc and Lady Phoenix, Mayor and Vice Mayor, respectively, will be held on SATURDAY, March 31st, 2007 at the altar on the North End of the Island of Maginicia at 9:00 PM Eastern!

You can find complete details by going here.

I apologize for any confusion, I go by the much superior Orcish Calendar which allows extra time to work and less time to sleep. 

Dragons Watch Event Takes People to the Jungles Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Adventurers and travelers met at the Dragons Watch Tavern for ale and good cheer before launching on a dangerous mission to the Jungles of Sosaria.  With ale-enhanced courage, they went to the PaxLair Malas Auditorium where a treasure huntress led them to perilous lands and buried treasures beyond belief.  Monsters were no match for this team of fighters, mages, paladins, and knights.

Upon reaching their initial destination, the team spread out in a circular formation around the treasure digger.  Energy Vortexes were cast into the jungle and all the local healers were protected from inadvertent attack.

After a short bit of surveying and digging, a rusty chest slowly appeared.  Moss grew around the chest, but there was something else.  Blood seemed to be dried on the edges as if buried during a very bloody battle.

Suddenly monsters from the depths of the earth appeared immediately looking for those that disturbed them.  The Vortexes went to work along with the paladins and knights.  Mages kept the team healed in unified fashion.

After several treasures were discovered, dug up, and looted, the adventurers said a fond farewell.  They all vowed to return once more when called in need.

The adventurers were Mayor NANOC and Deputy Mayor Phoenix of Dragons Watch, Governor Winfield, Fignut the Elder and General BobMarleyson I of Guardians Gate, Lady Kathleen of the Museum of the Virtues, and of course Linda, the treasure huntress.


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