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PaxLair City Map Updated (Sep 2007) with UOKR Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Sunday, 02 September 2007

PAXLAIR CITY, FELUCCA - September 2, 2007

The PaxLair Cartographers were once again hard at work preparing a new map of PaxLair City, Felucca.  This time, they used the [new UOKR Client].  This is the map to be used in a presentation to the gods of UO on September 8, 2007 at a "Town Hall" meeting.

PaxLair City, Felucca, September 2, 2007
(75-57N 26-09E, Felucca, Chesapeake)

Zoomify Map - 1024x768 or 1280 x 1024
(Note: the Zoomified Maps change to the CURRENT map
so may not reflect this map in the future)

Jhym, the Famous Bard to Sing at Pizza Kitchen Opening! Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Sunday, 19 August 2007

Jhym, Lord of the Music, Songsmiths of Sosaria, has agreed to sing at the PaxLair Pizza Kitchen Grand Opening.  The Grand Opening is on Tuesday, August 21 at 10 PM ET right after the weekly PaxLair meeting.

Jhym is famous for his songs throughout the Shard.  The Songsmiths of Sosaria performed a concert in PaxLair City on August 29, 1998 and will return for a long-awaited encore.

The Songsmiths of Sosaria Concert in PaxLair City, August 29, 1998

The PaxLair Pizza Kitchen is located just north of the Mage Tower and outdoor arena, and just east of Luigi's outdoor cafe in PaxLair City, Felucca.

PaxLair Pizza Kitchen Grand Opening, August 21 Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 18 August 2007

PAXLAIR CITY, FELUCCA - PaxLair City is proud to present the opening of the new PaxLair Pizza Kitchen on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 10 PM ET immediately after the weekly PaxLair Statehood meeting.   The Pizza Kitchen is owned and operated by Lenora of PaxLair.

Once a chef at Luigi's Pizzeria, Lenora is using the famous and rare Luigi's recipe to make the sauce and pizza dough.  People from all around the area are talking about the pizza that made Luigi and PaxLair famous.

The original Luigi's Pizzeria burned down several months ago just west of the new Pizza Kitchen.  That area was recently reconstructed as a stage overlooking the outdoor cafe and Bells of PaxLair.

The Pizza Kitchen, located immediately north of the PaxLair Mage Tower and Outdoor Arena, also serves as Myrtle's Herbs and Potions Shop.  There is also rent-able space available for other merchants.

A PaxLair Watch Tower stands just east of the Pizza Kitchen with guards keeping an eye on people passing through the city.

PaxLair City's North Pole Establishment Open for New Members Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 18 August 2007

PAXLAIR CITY, FELUCCA - August 18, 2007

Justine de Fargo has opened the doors of the new North Pax Pole near the Ladies of the Lair.  The establishment offers pole dancing and great rounds of drinks.

New members only pay a one-time fee of 100 gold and can then bring any number of guests.  Governor Winfield is the first member of the new establishment.  He looks forward to a relaxing atmosphere sipping his wine and ale.

OOC WARNING:  The Rules of Conduct for Ultima Online must be complied with regarding any sexual language or acts in the game.  In other words, no sexually explicit emotes, language or graphical renditions are allowed, lest ye be banned.  Here's the relevant paragraph:

2. You may not use any offensive or sexually explicit language, graphic descriptions, or accounts of sexual acts (including but not limited to sexual language of a violent or threatening nature directed at another individual or group of individuals).

Stay familiar with the Rules of Conduct.

Spring of Courage Water Protects Paladins - Gatekeeper Appears Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007

PAXLAIR CITY, FELUCCA - August 15, 2007

Paladins, Mages, and PaxLair Statehood officials found that water from PaxLair City's Spring of Courage actually protect Paladins from the evil of a Well of Souls.  A small group gathered mist from the Spring of Courage, took it to Mazrim's Tower of Souls, and saw the effect.  The Well of Souls flamed abruptly at the Paladins, but the Paladins were previously anointed by the Spring Water and were not hurt.  This may prove to be a valuable fact in overcoming the perils in PaxOku at its Well of Souls.

At the Tower of Souls, Felucca 

This occurred after Paladins NANOC, Phoenix, and Elijah Cross along with Lady of the Spring Winmere, Minister of Quests Eric the Red, and Governor Winfield were summoned to meet with The Gatekeeper.  The Gatekeeper made a rare appearance at his Gate to the Underworld informing these people about the waters of the Spring of Courage and the nature of the Wells of Souls.

With the Spring's water tested, a course of action to use the water to aid PaxOku can be further executed; this course was proposed at the August 14th PaxLair Statehood meeting.

An abundance of water from the Spring of Courage in PaxLair City must be collected; however, only water mist may be collected directly from the Spring.  People must find an outflow from the underground Stream of Courage that is connected to the Spring.  An outflow once existed at Lake Hammerfell and Dungeon Shame in Felucca.  Water tests are needed to know if the Stream still flows into these places.

Paladin NANOC also collected bottles of vile waters from Mazrim's Tower of Souls to be tested by a chemist of the Realm.  A chemist report should be completed within the next 24 hours or less.

The strategy is for Paladins and others to then find and take large quantities of Spring water to PaxOku; the Paladins will be anointed by the Spring water for protection.  The plan is expected to be carried out soon.  People interested in aiding or observing this mission may reach Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch or Paladin of Virtue Elijah Cross from PaxLair City.  Or, people may be diligent in keeping an eye on activity in PaxOku.

Below are more portraits of this recent activity and information about the Spring of Courage and Tower of Souls. 

Elven Library of Courage turned into Orcish Shaman Hut Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Wednesday, 09 May 2007


In another bold move by Mayor Ga'kuct through his policy of PaxLair City reconstruction, orcs built an Orcish Shaman Hut where the Library of Courage once stood behind the outdoor arena.

Ga'kuct said he won the building from the elves in a gambling game of cards.  According to Ga'kuct, elves attempted to cheat at the card game with their elven sight.  Ga'kuct said he then distracted the elves and also cheated.  Upon his victory, Ga'kuct immediately threw the elves into the street and threatened to call the orcish guard if they did not leave the area quickly.

Elves built the Library of Courage about a year ago and displayed books about PaxLair, particularly on Felucca. It is not known what happened to the books from the Library of Courage.  They are either in secret elven storage or the orcs burned the books.

This same location was used in early PaxLair days as the PaxLair Saloon and was "blessed" by the gods for the community.  In later years, the blessings were removed at the request of the proprietor so a multi-story saloon could be created.  In time, elves moved into the city and established the Library of Courage. 

Krak un Krydey V Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 27 April 2007

Ga'kuct Sorts Through his Fan-Mail
Ga'kuct is back and has answered 5 more questions for this Friday. This week he comments on the many things going on inside of PaxLair as well as trying to discover who is the owner of "Cross MacLeod's Defence Fortress". 

Looking For a New Home in PaxLair Print
Written by PaxLair Publisher One   
Saturday, 21 April 2007

Homeless Bob

The Orcs' war against the homeless has sadly taken its first victim: the snaga hut (slave house) of John Duke.

A homeless person commonly seen sneaking around PaxLair City, eluding capture and torture by the Orcs, by the name of 'Homeless Bob' has taken residence in the recently established Snaga Hut, next to the Ladies of the Lair. "I talked to him a few times," stated John Duke "I tried to report him but every time the Orcs came he was gone. He's almost as good as me when it comes to hiding and stealthing."

"I wasn't too worried about him at first." he continued "but then he started sleeping in the woods outside my hut, slowly moving forward, until he was on my front porch. I still wasn't too concerned since I only need a very small space and it was still really out doors. So I didn't report it. But that all soon changed as I came back to my little hut for supplies and noticed it had been put into serious dismay as well as a message was left on the board stating 'Hello I have decided to squat here on your front porch. Squatters rights say I own this'." 

Krak un Krydey IV Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 20 April 2007

Ga'kuct sorts through his Fan-Mail

Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct has returned once more, with five letters hand picked from his multiple packhorse loads of fan-mail. This week he tries to re-assert his policies on the Elves as well as offer some good fishing tips. Enjoy!

Kookin wid Klug Print
Written by John Duke   
Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Elf Ear Stew

In honor of the Elves, Klug da Stu Makr, official chef to the Orcs, has decided to reveal one of his most closely guarded recipes in a rare tribute to the constantly rivaling race. The recipe? Why, it's one of the finest dishes on the Orcish table, Elf Ear Stew!

Clompid Ilid- Remoob eerz, sabe peepirz. dyzkard da rezid.
Mangee gareen thengiez- Clomp tu syze
Mangee karn thengiez- Clomp tu syze

Muur Ebidenze ogh Ebilnezz Print
Written by Ga'kuct   
Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Wud ib dis krap indeed

Gak wud uut clompin karn munstyrz dat bin libben arund da Orkie furt.

Gak was out clompin red monsters that are living around the Orc fort.

Den Klug blah dat demz phynd shiniez agh buuk wid ebil skrybbulz.

Then Klug said he found some shiniez and a book of evil writing.

Da Skrybbulz wud suu ebil dat da mosid bubhosh ebil skrybbul reedirz kud reed deze ebil skrybbulz.

The book was set on fire

Alliances Formed at PaxLair City Meeting Print
Written by John Duke   
Tuesday, 17 April 2007

BloodLust Announces the Alliance

Surprises awaited the attendees of tonight's annual meeting as many alliances were formed and pleads for peace were made.

The meeting began as normal, with Cross spouting his hateful words toward the Orcs, and the Orcs being very kind and pleasant to the disgustingly dressed Paladin, but things soon changed very swiftly.

A stranger appeared by the name of BloodLust. He was evidently an undead, a self proclaimed vampire, and had an announcement for Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct. "...we are allied with King Oberon and the Elves,"  stated BloodLust very calmly, "If not the Elves, then maybe us next for annihilation." Then as quickly as he appeared, he removed himself from the tower. The vampire was speaking in regard to the Elves fear of a possible Orc war, now that they are in the position to do so, with ownership of PaxLair City once more. (read more here).

Ga'kuct continued the meeting, un-phased by the interruption; he was, however, unable to regain control as more disturbances followed.

Ga'kuct Reacts to Elven Fear Print
Written by John Duke   
Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct has announced today that the Elves have nothing to fear from the Orcs.

Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct has commented today on the statements made last week during his weekly Krak un Krydey article. An attempt to give people the ability to learn more about Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct and his plans and thoughts on PaxLair and the rest of the world. The Elves reacted harshly to Ga'kucts statement made regarding the question "When the Orcs do take over the realm, what race or class will you eliminate first?" To which Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct naturally replied the Elves, a race with a long standing rivalry against the Orcs.

Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct had this to say in reaction:

"Dis ib nub tru, Gak wud skrybbulid uut ogh kon-tex-id. Gak nub meen clompin lyk clompin clompin. Gak meen muur lyk wypid ough da faze ogh da uzg. Gak ib surri da latz ib tuu tuupid agh smellie tu gruk wud ib skrybbulid. agh Gak x-tendz kondeluniz tu demz clanz kus demz ib smellie agh tuupid ...kuz demz ib aphlikatid wid tuupid agh smellienezz"

Krak un Krydey Part III Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 13 April 2007

Gak Answers His Fan-Mail

PaxLair City - April 13, 2007

Ga'kuct has sorted through his fanmail and has prepared five more questions to be answered. This week's questions delve into the mind of an Orc and tries to discover, what exactly is that smell coming from the sewers below PaxLair?

Paladins of Virtue Pay Local Aggressors Print
Written by John Duke   
Thursday, 12 April 2007

During one of my rounds around PaxLair City, looking to find out what those dirty Paladins are up to, I stumbled upon a very curious meeting occurring outside of Cross MacLeod’s supposed "Defense Fortress". Various aggressive creatures that are commonly seen in and around PaxLair City were leaving his home with what could only be described as 'bags full of money'. Upon further investigation I was able to hear what it was the creatures were discussing.

Paladins the Cause of Pollution? Print
Written by John Duke   
Thursday, 12 April 2007

Before The Paladins / After The Paladins

The Orcs have long been concerned with the land, which was taken from them, known as PaxLair. The land they loved and cherished, the one which is abused by its inhabitants. It was under this premise that Ga’kuct formed an exploratory committee to seek out what source had caused such degradation to the area as to cause all the trees to die and the plants to wilt into nothing. With the aide of his top botanical researchers, Mayor Warboss Ga’kuct has released his final report regarding the environment of the area and summarized it into one phrase, “The Paladins Did It.”

Lost Citizen, Found Again Print
Written by John Duke   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Lenora on the Order Tower

Beloved citizen Lenora has returned to PaxLair!

Lenora was spotted roaming the streets of PaxLair looking for some activity. She was successful in her hunt as she was able to cross paths with Tatania Karthina, John Duke, Ga'kuct, and the despicable Cross MacLeod. I was able to ask Lenora a few questions before having to go clean the Orcs' trophy skulls. She indicated that she planned an extended stay in PaxLair and was originally located in Yew, until her services were no longer required.

Welcome back Lenora!

Orcs and Paladins Working Together? Print
Written by John Duke   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Cross and Ga'kuct Friends?

Strange news has broken from PaxLair City as it was reported a possible alliance has been established between the Paladins and the Orcs. The news had ignited from the claims that a "murderer" was seen roaming the streets of PaxLair, one sought for crimes against fellow citizens of the realm. The murderer known as Crazy K was spotted roaming the streets of PaxLair looking for potential prey. Preliminary reports indicate that  PaxOku Mayor Tatania Karthina and a visitor of PaxLair known only as Mark were struck down by the felon. Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct and Cross MacLeod of the Paladins of Virtue struck into action on different paths, but were unable to down the fiend. It wasn't until they began to work together that justice was served.

Reapers Demanding Housing In PaxLair Print
Written by John Duke   
Saturday, 07 April 2007

The reapers of PaxLair have had a long standing feud against...everything. They spring up and attack anything and everything nearby. Such hostile plants can only be a device of some evil magics, possibly conjured up by Cross MacLeod. Nevertheless, the beings were always defeated upon creation. The reapers, however, have recently developed a new tactic within PaxLair.

The reapers of PaxLair are now evaluating and determining whether to buy land in PaxLair, so that they may no longer have to fight for it. This recently spotted reaper (to the right) was seen looking at the plot of land south of the Spring of Courage, which is currently for sale by the owner. It seemed to dig in well with the ground but still looked rather angry, so I only stealthed around it cautiously.

Perhaps the constant embarrassments at the hands of everything they attack has led them to their new tactic. I asked Mayor Warboss Ga'kuct about whether or not he will allow Reapers into the PaxLair housing market. He had only this to say:

Demz wylz bi treetid lyk angee uddir perzun en Paxuzg. Ib demz ib kaut helbin da hutlezz, demz wylz bi clompid. Eberiash shud keeb demz peepirz oben en kaze demz ib wurkin wyph da brufz.

Gak wylz keeb Gakz peepir un demz. Ull ogh latz shud uz kaushun wen blahin wid da shrubz.

Krak un Krydey Strikes Again Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 06 April 2007

Ga'kuct Answers Krak un Krydey

Warboss Mayor Ga'kuct has 5 more questions ready for answering. This week's questions focus on the invasion occurring on the border of PaxLair, and maintains a strong resistance to the long standing (IGM)Orc Fort. It also contains warnings to those that try to fool the orcs in April, and to those who seek to be their enemies.


Krak un Krydey Print
Written by John Duke   
Friday, 30 March 2007

Due to the massive popularity of Warboss Ga'kuct, his eminence has decided to field five questions every Friday regarding anything and everything. You can ask questions by going to the PaxLair Message Boards located here.

Our questions this week are full of Elven hatred, the best type!

Solen War Foiled, Invasion Hits PaxLair! Print
Written by John Duke   
Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The Orcish Barricade Against the Solen

On the Evening of March 28th, 2007, Warboss of PaxLair Ga’kuct had finally had enough of the taunting, teasing, smell, and infiltration of the blessed Orc Fort by those dirt digging Solen and decided it was time to end it once and for all. Warboss Ga’kuct declared an all out war between the Orcs and the Solen, the survivors getting claim of the land which both seemed to live on. Ga’kuct’s night, however, did not go as initially planned.

Shortly after the set up of a barricade masterfully created in order to make the Solen easy targets, mysterious creatures began rising from the earth all around us. At first it was just one or two, but soon they multiplied and multiplied. One earth elemental, two ogres, three titans, four valorite elementals. They were everywhere and our barricade was soon over run and destroyed. We were clueless as to what was going on, we only wanted to war the Solen, did the Solen have such powerful allies?

Ga'kuct Reacts to Outcry Against Treatment of Homeless Print
Written by John Duke   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Public outcry has reached the desk of Mayor Ga’kuct as citizens declare his policies on the homeless “cruel and unusual.” Ga’kuct, in the recent week, had successfully removed the homeless from PaxLair through the administration of his “Nub Ryph-Raph Law” and the “Clomp de Hutlezz” plan. The resulting freedom of PaxLair from the homeless stench was met by foul ears as the citizens heard rumors of how cruel the punishments were bestowed upon the Homeless.

“Sure, they urinated on my walls, but I don’t feel as if they needed to be tortured the way they were” claimed Eli, who seeks to remain anonymous. “What the Orcs did to the homeless was horrific.”

The concerned citizens of PaxLair have demanded an official statement from Ga’kuct regarding his recent actions, and Ga’kuct has obliged with this official statement:


A Nest of Leprechauns Uncovered! Print
Written by John Duke   
Monday, 26 March 2007

The question has long been asked, "Where do all the Leprechauns go after St Patrick's Day?". Mayor Ga'kuct had long been suspicious that the Leprechauns were looking to unseat him as Mayor and sent out his best specialist for the task, me, John Duke. I looked high and low around PaxLair for any traces of Leprechauns, and it took many many minutes of searching before I found my first taste of Leprechaun.

A hideous Leprechaun-like creature

I found a very peculiar patch of clovers, upon further investigation it was discovered that all of these clovers were in fact four leafed clovers. The clovers seemed to form a trail which lead to an area that seemed to have been dug up recently. When I began to approach this area a hideous creature appeared behind the tree. I dirtied my best pair of pants upon seeing him, and was barely able to snap this image before I ran away crying.

When I returned to Ga'kuct with my full report, and expectations of being treated like a welcomed hero, I was very sad to find out he had asked me to find a nest of pecans, not a nest of leprechauns.

Well, my investigation might of been for naught, but at least the secret was finally revealed.

PaxLair City - Orcs taking over Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Friday, 09 March 2007

PaxLair City - Orcs taking over

Saturday, March 10, 2007 at 5 PM ET into the evening

Location: PaxLair City (75-57N 26-09E, Felucca, Chesapeake)

February 10, 2007 - Orcs, Humans and Elves were in PaxLair City
What will happen next?

PaxLair City continues its immersion in the Realm with as much presence as possible.  Come see how many orcish buildings have raise up out of the ground in the historic PaxLair City on Felucca.  Why is this happening?  What ancient lore and legends are being uncovered?

PaxLair City now has an Orcish Mayor -- Mayor Ga'kuct.  Why did Governor Winfield really appoint Ga'kuct as the Mayor?  What does this mean for the future of PaxLair City?  Are the citizens all happy about this?  Governor Winfield already received and accepted Minister of Defense Cross MacLeod's resignation because Cross is a Paladin and against the orcs.  Will there be war?  Will PaxLair City be forced by the new Mayor to only speak orcish?  What do the Elves think about that?


OOC:  PaxLair Statehood is in an Age of Enlightenment, which involves total immersion in the Realm and dealing with situations from the Character perspective.  In-game presence makes this happen and offers many unique and unscripted episodes in PaxLair and Chesapeake history.

NOTE:  This event is a continuing event and publicized at various times to encourage more people to get involved.  It is definitely unscripted and spans months of interaction.  Do not expect a massive event at any one particular time; such an event may happen naturally based on what is happening in the Statehood.  Stay in good communication, watch for alerts, and use the PaxLair UO Automap Server to see where people are on Chesapeake - Server information is on the right side of the site.


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