PaxLair Timeline - 2004
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Written by Winfield_Pax   

Welcome to the PaxLair Timeline and Other Key Events for 2004.


This timeline lists significant events and happenings in PaxLair or around that Shard.  The timeline is always being researched and added to.  If you have an addition, contact the PaxLair Webmaster.

















3 Nov 2004

PaxLair Tokuno Outpost Established

PaxLair Tokuno Outpost


The outpost was established with the construction of the Tea House, Grimlar's Adventurers Hall (pub and armory), and the PaxLair Gardens.

27 Nov 2005

PaxLair Skypage Established

The Ether


The PaxLair Skypage was created under a system called "Mambo".  It is a "content management system" that hopefully will serve the PaxLair community for many years.

29 Nov 2004

PaxLair Alliance Established

PaxLair, Felucca


Mayor Minsk established the PaxLair Alliance after the weekly PaxLair meeting.  The charter member guilds consisted of: PaxLair [Pax], Army of the Dragon [ATD], PaxLair Initiates [PxI], Tour Guide Stone [p@x], The Merkan Empire (Earl's Guild) [ME!], and Comfortably Disturbed (Grimlar's Tokuno Guild) [C=D]. In the next few weeks, the alliance was expected to grow once it added the PaxLair Knights [PxK], Paladins of Virtue [PV] and the Followers of Armageddon [F A].
































































































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