PaxLair Ministry of Quests


Welcome to the PaxLair Ministry of Quests.


This Ministry supports many aspects of quests, lore, and legends which take place and are created in the PaxLair Community and around the Chesapeake Shard.


This is one of the most mysterious ministries in PaxLair.  The Minister of Quests draws upon his or her knowledge and creativity to bring the Seer-like magical capabilities to a quest, without actually having Seer capabilities.


The Ministry is led by a Minister of Quests who has three primary responsibilities:

  • Inform people about quests 

  • Help people create quests

  • Involve the PaxLair Community and the Shard



The Minister and his or her assistants keep an ear to the ground and to the ether listening for new and ongoing quests.  The Ministry works with news services and reporters in reporting quest activities, strange happenings, and lore and legends when they are encountered.


The Ministry helps people find out about quests and points them in the right direction for information.




The Ministry of Quests helps people create their own quests; it is not responsible for creating quests itself.


It can work confidentially with people or groups to provide ideas and advice, be an informed source to the public when needed, help coordinated some "behind the scenes" activities if asked, and create quest guides and "how to" tutorials.


The Ministry may at times have an on-call resource of several people or guilds who can fulfill roles as "actors" in quests.




Quests by their nature are not tied to specific geographical or community boundaries.  Therefore, anyone can participate in, follow, or even create quests across the Shard.


The PaxLair Ministry of Quests embarks on its mission with the idea to be as inclusive as possible to people, guilds, towns, and communities around the Shard.  The Ministry helps form and maintain a bridge between PaxLair and the Shard in general.  This can involve synergy with the Ministry of Diplomacy.


This philosophy can add further depth, culture, history, and intrigue to the Shard.