Time Lord
News Govt - From the Desk of Governor Winfield
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Thursday, 29 December 2005


Hail my friends,

Oh my! The Time Lord is coming! I can sense his presence just around the corner or over the next hill. Do you feel it too?

Why does he come and turn our hour-glass over every year? Doesn't he know many of us don't want to be reminded we are getting older? Especially me, and I'm already an old man.

If you see the Time Lord amidst the showering display of sparks, flames, and explosions in the sky, tell him to take a break for a while and let us stay young in body like we are in spirit. Find several strong mages and cast a mighty "An Ex Por" on him and surround him with "In Ex Grav" in all directions. Keep the spells on him for as long as you can. Many of us in the Realm will likely thank you immensely!

Yet we know he will succeed in turning our hour-glass over again; he always does. We can at least stare at and meditate on the grains of sand at the top of the hour-glass, for each of those grains will soon slip to the bottom. We must try to catch them in our minds before they fall.

With each grain of sand, we can decide to make a difference in our Realm, in those around us, and in ourselves. It's not time to be wasted. It's time to be chosen. Pick out your grains of sand and make your wishes, promises, and resolutions. Then do what you promised before your chosen grains fall to the bottom of the hour-glass ... before it's too late. Well, at least that's what I'm doing. I already have my grains of sand picked out. Do you?

Dragonspeed to you all and blessed be the new beginnings!

Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair