PaxLair Weekly Meetings
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Tuesday, 29 May 2007

PaxLair Weekly Meetings

Come one and all to the PaxLair Weekly Meetings.
Hear the latest news, events, mysteries, and challenges of the PaxLair Statehood.
Get involved in one of the most vibrant and open communities on the Chesapeake Shard.
All are welcome to attend the meetings.

See the PaxLair Meeting thread on UOForums for the location of the Next Weekly Meeting

PaxLair meetings are some of the most organized and productive meetings in the Realm.  This meeting covers the latest news of all the PaxLair Statehood along with interesting information from around the Shard.  Everyone in PaxLair and throughout the Shard are invited.  It's a great time to meet a lot of people!

Meeting locations change each week and are usually held in one of the cities of the PaxLair Statehood.  A host is selected by the Governor prior to the meeting so the host may make pre- and post-meeting arrangements for activities.



Meeting Locations

Rotates to different PaxLair cities and other locations.

See PaxLair Meeting thread on UOForums

Past Meeting Articles

Read the notes from past PaxLair meetings. 

(under development) 

Discuss the Meetings 

We welcome any and all comments about the PaxLair meetings. 

Comment on the PaxLair Forum thread here.



(On Tuesdays)


8:30 PM ET 

Local Hospitality near Meeting Location (see note 1) 

9:00 PM ET 

PaxLair Meeting 

  • Introducing new people and visitors (see note 2)
  • Ceremonies (if any)
  • Report: From the Governor and Ministers of PaxLair Statehood
  • Report: From Mayors of PaxLair cities (5 minutes per city)
  • Special Guest (if any) [pre-scheduled statements/announcements] (10 minutes) (see note 3)
  • Activities Schedule and Open Announcements (see note 4)
  • Adjourn

9:50 PM ET 

Adjourn and take a break 

10:00 PM ET 

Post-meeting Event (Adventure, Quest, War, Market Faire, Guild Recruitment, Parade, etc) (see note 5)



  1. Local Hospitality - Come early to the PaxLair meeting and meet old and new friends!  Bring your guildmates and help recruit new members.  Drop books and runes around the city or meeting area to publicize your events and guilds.  Local Hospitality is arranged by each city that is hosting the weekly meeting.
  2. Introducing people - The Governor will offer opportunities for new people to introduce themselves at the start of the meeting (time permitting).  A simple introduction can include who you are, what guild or city you are in, and what interest you have.
  3. Special Guest - We offer the meeting platform for up to 10 minutes (including questions and answers) to a special guest.  The guest does not have to be in the PaxLair Statehood or one of PaxLair's cities.  Prior arrangements must be made with the Governor or his staff to request the platform.  Special Guests should contact the Governor or his staff no later than 30 minutes prior to the meeting.
  4. Activities and Announcements - The floor is opened at the end of the meeting for very short announcements of upcoming events or special announcements (time permitting).  These must be brief.
  5. Post-meeting Event - The host of the meeting is highly encouraged to offer an event after the meeting. It should start promptly at 10 PM ET.  Before the meeting is adjourned, the event may be announced.

Come in peace to the meetings. Disruptors will be removed.