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"Proclamation of Distinction by his Royal Majesty Lord British" on November 11, 1998


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A Humble Invitation from the Governor
News Govt - From the Desk of Governor Winfield
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Hail my friends,

I am honored to humbly announce the 10th Anniversary of PaxLair on Chesapeake.  PaxLair was founded as a player community on January 19, 1998.  Our 10th Anniversary Schedule is published here.

A long time ago in what seems only yesterday for many of us, we saw a great Realm come into existence called Ultima Online.  This Realm immediately captured our fascination even before we could actually met each other "face to face".  When the gods created the world for us, we jumped right in to discover fantastic sights, beasts, dungeons, and treasures beyond belief.

As we walked, rode, and gated throughout the Realm we met each other.  We found each other in dungeons, in shops, and even in boats on the high seas.  We teamed up in guilds and saved up gold for houses we could care for and store our belongings, lest a thief passed by who we quickly attempted to dispatch into the abyss.

Camaraderie and friendship became the "watch-words" as we worked together, and against each other.

People started to master their skills and the people and gods weRe happy.

Then came the early days of the player-towns--a group of houses formed by a guild or group out of the necessity for a common location to meet one's goals or to experience the Realm in a much broader way.

PaxLair was and is one of those early player-towns.  Formed on Chesapeake Shard by The Band guild, it became noted as a crossroads and a hot-spot for many travelers and peoples.  It was January 19, 1998 when the first building and the first brick were laid down in a sleepy meadow west of the Compassion Shrine on what is now called Felucca, Chesapeake.

Various people flocked to this new town called PaxLair in the months to come with numbers estimating at around 300 interested and involved people.  The gods came too and helped PaxLair work with so many people.  It was fascinating to be a part of this interaction...and at times to see the blood spilled in the town streets.  Soon a working government was needed to control the bloodshed and to help organize the people.

I became the first Mayor of PaxLair in mid-1998 and still continue to be involved, now as the Governor of PaxLair.  PaxLair has became a Statehood of several player-cities on Chesapeake.

PaxLair is much more than a place...a group of buildings...a guild of people...a government structure of mayors and their councils.  It is a vision for persistent cooperation and opportunity for people taking their activities in the Realm two or three steps beyond defeating monsters or other people.  It is a community spread across the shard and the Realm (at times) for people to meet, greet, and have fun.

PaxLair has always been a crossroads not just as a place, but as an idea.  Many people come and go through PaxLair; some stay for years on end; others come back to their roots at a future time.

We are 10 years old on January 19, 2008.  We have not been dormant.  We have not collapsed.  For some reason we continue to trudge along trying new things and old things.  We are not about size or numbers.  We are about quality of life in this Realm.

And in this regard, we are continually inspired by all the player-towns in the Realm who accomplish so much.  For together, we are one unified peoples in a Realm always full of intrigue and wonder.

I humbly invite you to come to PaxLair in our cities during our 10th Anniversary.  We have many events planned, but most importantly...we have an opportunity to meet you.

Our 10th Anniversary Schedule is published here.

Dragonspeed to you all,

Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

PaxLair 10th Anniversary!! (January 16-19, 2008)
News 2008 - PaxLair Statehood
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Tuesday, 15 January 2008

PAXLAIR STATEHOOD - January 15, 2008

PaxLair 10th Anniversary

Founded on January 19, 1998

Chesapeake Shard, Ultima Online


Four Day Celebration -- January 16-19, 2008

Jan 16 - PaxLair City, Felucca

Jan 17 - Dragons Watch, Felucca

Jan 18 - PaxOku, Tokuno

Jan 19 - PaxLair Official Anniversary Day


See MORE below for the entire agenda!! 

Governor Orders Care and Cure for Mayor Gareth of PaxOku
News 2008 - PaxLair Statehood
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Tuesday, 08 January 2008


Governor Winfield issued an order at the PaxLair Statehood Meeting on January 8, 2008 enlisting the support of three people to help diagnose and cure Mayor Gareth's illness.  These people were CaT, Neira, and Elaina.  He had this to say:

There's been some things happening in PaxOku lately. We all heard about Mayor Gareth being ill and I did see him briefly the next day. Gareth was pretty incoherent and his Supreme Chancellor Mula would not let me stay long. I am concerned for Mayor Gareth's health. He apparently cast the Fountain of Youth spell that backfired and now he is aging rapidly. He gave broad law-making powers to Supreme Chancellor Mula for PaxOku. And that is Mayor Gareth's right to do so as long PaxOku Laws do not conflict with PaxLair Statehood laws.


Gareth is a Mayor of our Statehood for one of our cities. He has sworn an oath to me and thus we are bonded together. I am accountable for his well-being and his abilities to be PaxOku's mayor.

So, I talked to various people last night and have a plan.  I'd like CaT to be a guardian to care for Mayor Gareth's well-being. And at her disposal is a balanced team of two people.  Neira is a healer and also a necromancer. She can mend souls. Elaina is a cleric who has wisdom beyond ages of time.

Neira, the healer, has deep reflections in magic of life and nature. She can use both to heal body and soul. Elaina, the cleric, is as old as the Realm where she has prayed, meditated, and laid hands on others to help them understand their paths of ill. Neira and Elaina are balanced, like our Statehood is. We have Harmony and Balance to help Gareth. Neira, as a necromancer, follows the darker arts, while Elaina is a paladin following the paths of Virtues.

Therefore, my order as Governor of our Statehood is CaT will find Gareth and bring him to a place of her choosing to allow Neira and Elaina to diagnose him and find out how to cure him. I know there are ancient arts that can reverse the effects of an ill-cast Fountain of Youth spell, but I do not recall the details. Those details will need to be found once more.

So these three have my wishes to find him, protect him, and cure him.

Based on some questions from the audience, Governor Winfield also said if Mula refused or did not cooperate in helping Mayor Gareth into CaT's care, then Mula could be taken into custody and brought before Chief Justice Kathleen.  In other words, Governor Winfield has ordered Mula to cooperate.  He went on to say that CaT has PaxLair Statehood resources at her disposal to aid her in finding, retrieving, and caring for Gareth.

Happy Holidays!!
News 2007 - PaxLair Statehood
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 22 December 2007

PAXLAIR STATEHOOD - December 22, 2007

We wish everyone a safe and wonderful 2007 Holiday Season.

Tree Lighting Ceremony in PaxOku

Weekly PaxLair meetings will start again on January 1, 2008.  Keep an eye on the UO Forums Calendar and the UO Stratics Calendar.

We plan to catch up on publishing 2007 news soon. The PaxLair Forums, though, has a great deal of information and discussion.  Go there for the latest and greatest.

A report from Magincia and Trinsic - preparation for battle
News 2007 - General
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 20 October 2007


Governor Winfield met with Mayor Garrett of Magincia last night in Magincia.  Mayor NANOC and Deputy Mayor Phoenix also arrived from Dragons Watch, along with several others getting situated at Mayor Garrett's house.

Below is a 10-point report from Governor Winfield.  Observations and recommendations are made for all those planning for defense of Magincia.  Discussion about these observations and other planning (across Chesapeake Shard) is on UO Stratics Chesapeake Forum thread here.

Next PaxLair Weekly Meeting, Oct 23 (RivenMyst Museum)
News 2007 - PaxLair Statehood
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 20 October 2007

PAXLAIR STATEHOOD - October 20, 2007

Governor Winfield has announced the next weekly PaxLair Meeting on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 to be held at the RivenMyst Anniversary Museum just north of Minoc, Trammel on Chesapeake (8:30 PM ET gather, meeting starts promptly at 9 PM ET).

The Theme of the meeting is "From the Beginning", denoting periods of Anniversaries of our Realm from the days it was created long, long ago.

The after meeting activities (10 PM ET) will likely involve major discussions about the rumored Invasion of Magincia, which could lead to total devastation of that city if not defended.


The Meeting Hall (3rd Floor)
RivenMyst Anniversary Museum, north of Minoc, Trammel, Chesapeake


North of Minoc, Trammel on the Western Shoreline 


Enter the Meeting Hall by the Teleporter between the "buildings" 


PaxLair Begins Journey to Europa
News 2007 - General
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Monday, 15 October 2007

EUROPA - October 14, 2007

People from PaxLair and Chesapeake started their journey to Europa today meeting in New Haven, Vesper, and Yew.  The purpose of the week-long visit is to meet new people and learn the ways of others, both evil and good.

They plan to visit the 9th Anniversary festivities of the Guardsmen Militia and base their visit operations out of the Vesper Town Hall Southwest of the Ironwood Inn, and South of the Minoc Moongate.  The Town Hall has a rune book on the steps for many interesting locations on Europa.  New Haven is also a staging point for training and assembly.

Governor Winfield also plans to hold the weekly PaxLair Statehood meeting at the Vesper Town Hall (Europa).  The gathering time is 8:30 PM ET on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 (1:30 AM UK Time, Wednesday).

Governor Winfield formed a guild Pax_ on Europa for PaxLair citizens and friends. By the end of the evening, several people joined the guild to include Governor Winfield, Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch, Deputy Mayor Phoenix of Dragons Watch, Minister of Quests Eric the Red, Museum Curator Katherine, Guild Leader Nexus of United Tamers of Britannia Chesapeake Chapter, Lord of Darkness The Shadow, Mayor Ga'kuct of PaxLair City, Virtue Knight Lissa Eldi, Citizen Thraxis Mithrax, Minister of Defense Crypt Keeper, and Chief Justice Kathleen.  Several of these people are Emissaries of the Pax_ guild and may add more people to the guild.  (More information about forming this guild and meeting with various people and guilds on Europa is on this discussion thread.)

The group from Chesapeake met with Lord Kain Twothumb [-V-] (Governor of Vesper), Tae'nu Ver [-V-] (Militia Partisan), and Thaur Macil [-V-] (Militia Partisan) of Vesper.

Vesper Town Hall SW of Ironwood Inn (Vesper, Trammel)


Runebook on the Steps of the Vesper Town Hall


Later, Governor Winfield met with Waywatcher Corporal Floria Tenne and Baron Caden D'Gar of the Guardsmen Militia near Yew (Trammel).

Guardsmen Militia Training SE of Yew (Trammel) 

Read more below for many more details and the 9th Anniversary schedule. 

Whispering Rose Radio Broadcasting Live UO Town Hall - Orange CA - Oct 13, 2007
News 2007 - General
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 13 October 2007


[OOC] Whispering Rose Radio ( ) will be broadcasting live from the UO Town Hall meeting at Dave & Busters (20 City Blvd, West Orange, CA 92866) at 6-9 PM ET (3-6 PM Pacific Time) Tune in here!!

Listen to DJ Sandman and Crystal Rose (Whispering Rose Radio owners) along with DJ Sir James III tomorrow at the Town Hall meeting.  Norman Bates and DJ Moon will also be there to greet everyone!  Listen to all the interviews and speakers at the Town Hall Meeting.  This is an event you WANT to listen to.

If you plan to attend the Town Hall, great! (all town halls listed here).  This looks like the last scheduled town hall, so we really need to listen in or attend if we can!

Next PaxLair Weekly Meeting, Oct 9 (Evil in Ilshenar)
News 2007 - PaxLair Statehood
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Monday, 08 October 2007

PAXLAIR STATEHOOD - October 8, 2007

Governor Winfield has announced the next weekly PaxLair Meeting to be held in Ilshenar on Chesapeake (8:30 PM ET gather, meeting starts promptly at 9 PM ET)


He asks people to see the calendar entry for complete details, and to notice the Theme of the meeting is a "Call for Evil".  The entry also has a connection to a Theme Setter on the UOForums Dry Stein [RPing Forum].


Location is "Deuce's Vinculum Inn" NW of Honor Shrine/Gate in Ilshenar, Chesapeake

HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY to UO!! Fireworks in Luna Video
News 2007 - General
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Tuesday, 25 September 2007

LUNA, MALAS, CHESAPEAKE - September 25, 2007

Many people arrived in Luna to see the spectacular fireworks display on the 10th Anniversary of the Realm (Ultima Online).  People ducked for cover as fireworks shot over their heads with deafening explosions.  Others stood in awe in the middle of the field looking up to the skies.  Everyone walked away with huge smiles on their black-sooted faces.

See the event as seen by observers from the PaxLair Statehood.

Click here to run the Flash Video of Luna Fireworks on September 25, 2007.

(slow connections may need to restart the flash player -- 15 MB streaming download -- audio quality is reduced to produce clearer video -- video may not be re-hosted without PaxLair.Com permission).


SEPTEMBER 25, 2007

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