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Established January 19, 1998 - Chesapeake Shard of Ultima Online
"Proclamation of Distinction by his Royal Majesty Lord British" on November 11, 1998


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PaxLair Ministry of Knowledge


Welcome to the PaxLair Ministry of Knowledge.


This Ministry specializes in organizing and documenting everything "PaxLair", as well as keeping a firm knowledge of the workings of the entire Chesapeake community.  The role that the Ministry of Knowledge plays can be split into three groups explained below:


  • Collection of Knowledge and Information from the Shard-Community

  • PaxLair Clerical and Administrative Work

  • Online Information Documentation & Liaison to Larger News & Information Sources


Collection of Knowledge and Information from the Shard-Community


The major focus of the Ministry of Knowledge is to keep the citizens of PaxLair informed about current events and activities put on by other towns, establishments, guilds, Event Moderated quests, etc., report them on the PaxLair skypage and in-realm upon request.  This role is shared heavily with the Ministry of Diplomacy, as Knowledge is key to successful relations with these groups.


The gathering of Knowledge is done through a variety of methods.  The members of the Ministry of Knowledge will, from time-to-time participate directly with outside groups, and in doing so gain knowledge of their activies and possibly desire for Diplomatic relations.  (i.e. spending time at the Siren's Call Tavern in Silvervale, Trammel.)  Other methods of acquiring knowledge include:  participation on other skypages and skyboards, and maintaining contacts over (ICQ).


PaxLair Clerical and Administrative Work


Another role of the Ministry of Knowledge, and more specifically the Minister of Knowledge is to perform the job of a record-keeper, or clerk.  The Minister is responsible to keep knowledge of the locations of information (i.e. items on the Pax Skypage), and present them upon the request of other government officials.  For example:

The Mayor might request information on the "Disbanding of the Original PaxLair Guard" at a weekly meeting.  Research would then be conducted by the Minister of Knowledge through a variety of information sources, and a short summary followed by a weblink to an old article will be presented at the Mayor's request.

The Minister of Knowledge will also be able to present information to any citizen who requests it at any given time.


Online Information Documentation & Liaison to Larger News & Information Sources


The behind-the-scenes role of the Ministry of Knowledge is to document information and knowledge on the new PaxLair Skypage.  Work extends into the creation of news stories, design of pages and restoring of old sub-sites (i.e. the PaxLair Knight's page).


The Ministry of Knowledge also participates in submission-to and correspondence with larger news sources (like Stratics News and events calendar) and works to promote PaxLair's image through the information and knowledge in news stories.


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