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PaxLair Outpost

Established ???

The PaxLair Malas Outpost is located in the large Orc Fort on Malas. There one encounters the PaxLair Auditorium,  an Orc Hut, Kaar Barashalu Orc Graveyard, and Zog's Charnel House. Beware of orcs in the area!


PaxLair Auditorium

As PaxLair expanded into different parts of the Realm, it became more important to be able to have large gatherings for ceremonies, meetings, and speeches. Many citizens concluded over time that PaxLair, Felucca and Dragons Watch, Felucca could no longer attract such large attendances due to the dangerous nature of Felucca.

Therefore, the citizens constructed a great Auditorium in the Orc Fort of Malas. The Auditorium became an ideal facility for large gatherings and can seat more than 50 people with additional standing room on the balcony.

The Auditorium also sports a pub and stable on the first floor and a rune library on the second.



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