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July 25th, 2005 Meeting Minutes Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: PaxOku City Hall
Host: Mayor Winfield
Duration: 1 hour
In Attendance: (24) Tancred Redstar, Lissa Eldi, Gareth, Winmere, DutchessVanHorn, Eli, Ilishlaril, John Duke, Benito, DarkHawk, Amie McTagart, Elijah Cross, Marissa, Jereth Kern, Kira Wintersoul, Winfield, Justinian, Trey, Hotori Honzo, Crystal Moon, Monk, SNOOPY, Ignis Corus, The Gatekeeper
Next PaxLair Meeting: August 1st, 2005, 9:00 PM ET, PaxLair Town Hall, Felucca
Minutes Reported By: Winfield

Topics Covered:

Ancient Knights of Britannia (AKB) Growing
AKB is now in 7th place on Chesapeake in number of guild members.  Still growing.

New PaxLair News Reporter: Vaul Adlatus
Mayor Winfield announced there is a new PaxLair news reporter on the PaxLair staff.  He is Vaul Adlatus and has an office set up in the Town Hall in PaxLair, Felucca.  Vaul has already published some articles on the PaxLair SkyPage News. John Duke asked if Winfield would hire an orc as a news reporter. Winfield said that was a possibility if he could find one that could read and write (and there are maybe a few who can).

New Minister of Quests: Ilishlaril
In a ceremony, Winfield appointed Ilishlaril to the position of Minister of Quests for PaxLair.  The new minister will keep track of quests, lore, and legends throughout the Realm and PaxLair.  Ilishlaril then spoke, "I pledge to do my best in questing and lore to our lands, to add interest and intrigue to your daily lives.  I hope I succeed to your satisfaction."

Red Wolf Events
John Duke, Minister of Diplomacy, introduced Tancred Redstar who announced the next Red Wolf Cafe event is the Chesapeake Summer Triathalon, Tuesday, July 26th, at 9PM ET starting at the Red Wolf Cafe.  The Triathalon will consist of races starting at Skara Brae Docks, run up the road to the Cafe, mount a horse or other animal, race north towards Yew, then east past the Desert of Compassion, past Silvervale, and arrive in Vesper.  In Vesper they place a boat and sail for Moonglow Docks.  First one there wins with winning purses of 1st: 50K gold, 2nd: 25K gold, and 3rd: 10K gold.  Full information is at .  Also, John Duke donated the winner's trophy (choice of ethereal horse or ostard).

Minister of Quests Report
Ilislaril stated the Event Manager gems are still green (all clear).  The Realm awaits the next event.  There is also a 'player-quest' dealing with the Books of Sin that is happening on Thursday night, July 28th.  Ilish also said that evil is afoot in PaxLair and could not say more until he determines the nature of the being.

PaxOku Report
Viceroy Gareth stated the Blue Light Tavern, just SW of the City Hall, PaxOku, is finally finished.  PaxOku is also opening an auction house with no charge to enter items for auction.

Twin Tower Replicas

Twin Tower Replicas in PaxOku
Viceroy Gareth went on to present replicas of the PaxLair, Felucca Twin Towers.  They suddenly appeared atop a balcony at the PaxOku City Hall.  Gareth said, "PaxLair Felucca is known for many things such as: Quests, Community, War and its beautiful Twin Towers that stand at the heart of PaxLair. The PaxLair Alliance pulled funds together to bring a little bit of PaxLair to PaxOku and would like to present the city and its citizens with a replica of the Twin Towers!"  Mayor Winfield and the audience were astonished and all thanked the Alliance for their great spirit and sacrifice.  Thanks Alliance!

PaxMorteus Town is still Unofficial in PaxLair
AKB has several buildings near the Yew Moongate in Felucca.  This set of buildings forms a small town that its residents call PaxMorteus.  The unnofficial nature is simply that Mayor Winfield has not talked to PaxMorteous officials yet to see if they want the city in the overall PaxLair system.  Winfield also would have to assess the overall balance of PaxLair with any addition of a new town.

Gatekeeper Appears: John Duke Leaves the Realm into the Underworld
At the end of the PaxLair meeting, The Gatekeeper suddenly ran up on stage and pushed Winfield out of the way.  The Gatekeeper then said, "There is an imbalance.  My gate is open right now.  The imbalance will be taken care of shortly and the gate will close.  There is one among you who is called, called to take care of this imbalance, and enable me to secure my gate once more.  And a sacrifice will be made by this one.  For this one will dwell in the Underworld to achieve this calling.  John Duke is called to the Underworld.  He is the one.  He must come with me.  He won't return.  John Duke, there is little time.  Say your farewells."

John Duke is called away by the Gatekeeper

All were astonished, fearful, and confused.  It was apparent that John Duke was leaving the Realm at the bidding of the Gatekeeper for who knows what reasons.  John Duke said, "Guess I'm leaving for a while.  Will need to resign as diplomacy, won't do any good in there.  I've run from a lot of PKs, I think I'll be alright in the underworld.  So don't worry about me.  Farewell all then."

Many came on stage to say goodbye to John Duke.  There were a few tearful eyes and others who felt relieved the tax collector had not come around to them yet.  Winfield said to John Duke, "You've done so much for PaxLair.  I hate to see you leave.  From the taxations to the wonderful diplomacy with so many people.  You kept much spirit alive, much humor, and you are a best friend in it all."  Winfeld seemed noticeably shaken up by the whole event.

The Gatekeeper and John Duke then left to the Southeast and out of sight.  Silence lasted several minutes at the meeting.

Cheers for John Duke!!  Thanks John!!

And that ended the meeting!

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