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Acting Governors Needed, May 27 to July 1 Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Friday, 23 May 2008

May 23, 2008 - PaxLair Statehood

Governor Winfield announced at the PaxLair Statehood meeting on May 20, 2008 that he will be on a very long fishing trip during the month of June. Therefore, rather than appointing an acting governor for the entire month, he came up with a rare and interesting Role-playing opportunity for citizens of the PaxLair Statehood. This opportunity will run from May 27 to July 1, 2008.

Each week at the end of the regular Tuesday PaxLair meetings, a new governor will be appointed for one week by the last acting governor. Here is how it will work.

1. At the PaxLair meeting on May 27, 2008, Governor Winfield will run the meeting as usual. At the end, he will appoint someone from the audience as acting governor. This someone will be a volunteer willing to take on the reigns of being governor for the week.

2. At the next PaxLair meeting on June 3, that acting governor will run the PaxLair Statehood meeting as his or her final duty. Then appoint a new acting governor from the audience for the next week.

3. And so on, through July 1. On July 1, the governorship will be transfered back to Governor Winfield.

Here are more notes about this opportunity.

1. There are no elections for acting governor. The mayors of the cities of the Statehood will ensure acting governor appointments go smoothly and judiciously.

2. If an acting governor from the citizenry is unable to be appointed, one of the mayors of the cities will be appointed as acting governor for that week. This could happen if there is no one willing to volunteer.

3. The acting governor has authorities of the governor's position as follows. (Can be a "he" or "she" in the following).

  • He does not have law-making authority.
  • He has decree-making authority, but the decree is only good for the week he is the acting governor.
  • Decrees must be lawful.
  • Any potentially unlawful acts are subject to a hearing by acting Chief Justice Phoenix of the Statehood.
  • May not enter into any long-term binding treaties.
  • The mayors of Dragons Watch, PaxLair City, and PaxOku have the authority to remove an acting governor or step in at any time if they deem it necessary.

4. The duties of the acting governor are:

  • Minimally, he will choose a location for the next PaxLair Weekly Meeting, announce it, publicize it, and run the meeting. Mayors and other people may help in this regard.
  • May represent the PaxLair Statehood at various events throughout the shard.
  • May decree actions necessary for the preservation and improvement of the Statehood. [This means, role-play the position with others and see what happens.]


This is a Role-playing opportunity. It is a chance to simply have fun being the governor for the week. See how creative you can be. See how you can work with the cities, even spontaneously create some RPing situations. By all means, don't make this "work" for yourself. Just have fun.

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