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Governor Orders Care and Cure for Mayor Gareth of PaxOku Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Tuesday, 08 January 2008


Governor Winfield issued an order at the PaxLair Statehood Meeting on January 8, 2008 enlisting the support of three people to help diagnose and cure Mayor Gareth's illness.  These people were CaT, Neira, and Elaina.  He had this to say:

There's been some things happening in PaxOku lately. We all heard about Mayor Gareth being ill and I did see him briefly the next day. Gareth was pretty incoherent and his Supreme Chancellor Mula would not let me stay long. I am concerned for Mayor Gareth's health. He apparently cast the Fountain of Youth spell that backfired and now he is aging rapidly. He gave broad law-making powers to Supreme Chancellor Mula for PaxOku. And that is Mayor Gareth's right to do so as long PaxOku Laws do not conflict with PaxLair Statehood laws.


Gareth is a Mayor of our Statehood for one of our cities. He has sworn an oath to me and thus we are bonded together. I am accountable for his well-being and his abilities to be PaxOku's mayor.

So, I talked to various people last night and have a plan.  I'd like CaT to be a guardian to care for Mayor Gareth's well-being. And at her disposal is a balanced team of two people.  Neira is a healer and also a necromancer. She can mend souls. Elaina is a cleric who has wisdom beyond ages of time.

Neira, the healer, has deep reflections in magic of life and nature. She can use both to heal body and soul. Elaina, the cleric, is as old as the Realm where she has prayed, meditated, and laid hands on others to help them understand their paths of ill. Neira and Elaina are balanced, like our Statehood is. We have Harmony and Balance to help Gareth. Neira, as a necromancer, follows the darker arts, while Elaina is a paladin following the paths of Virtues.

Therefore, my order as Governor of our Statehood is CaT will find Gareth and bring him to a place of her choosing to allow Neira and Elaina to diagnose him and find out how to cure him. I know there are ancient arts that can reverse the effects of an ill-cast Fountain of Youth spell, but I do not recall the details. Those details will need to be found once more.

So these three have my wishes to find him, protect him, and cure him.

Based on some questions from the audience, Governor Winfield also said if Mula refused or did not cooperate in helping Mayor Gareth into CaT's care, then Mula could be taken into custody and brought before Chief Justice Kathleen.  In other words, Governor Winfield has ordered Mula to cooperate.  He went on to say that CaT has PaxLair Statehood resources at her disposal to aid her in finding, retrieving, and caring for Gareth.

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