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Written by Gareth   
Monday, 08 October 2007

PaxOku City Council Meetings

The PaxOku City Council meetings will be a Bi-weekly. Every other Sunday meeting starting at 7:45pm and at latest ending at 8:45pm est.

See the UOForums Chesapeake Calendar for next Date, Time, Location, and any agenda changes.

How the meetings will run:

  • Council Chair Woman Lady Katherine will run the meetings.
  • All in attendance should have their webbrowers open to Uoforums IC
  • Any pictures or information to look at will be on the Uoforums website under (PaxOku City Council Meeting *Date*)
  • The meeting will be in the PaxOku City Council Building (3rd floor)
  • All Council meetings are public for anyone to attend.
  • (Unless told other wise)

Lady Katherines City Council Information - City events, New city laws and decrees, City News, Council News.

PaxOku City District Reports -

  • Blue Light District
  • Kijustsu Anei Village
  • DukeLoth District
  • VirtueWind District
  • PaxKrat District
  • TeaRose District
  • Oku Heights District

Council Lead Events Discussion

Any events being held that week by the City Council.

Mayor and/or Deputy Mayor Report

If need be the Mayor or Deputy Mayor may speak.

City Council Questions

That will end the meeting.

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