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Paladin Keep on Heightened Alert in East Meadow Print
Written by Elrohir Helyanwe   
Monday, 19 February 2007

From the desk of Elrohir Helyanwe - Chancellor of the Interior, PaxLair City:

Due to the increased activity of orcs in the city (and most recently the East Meadow), the Paladin Keep has heightened it's security.  The most recent acquisition of the orcs is adjacent to the southeast corner of the keep, which is the stronghold of the East Meadow.  I have spoken with retired Minister of Defense Elijah Cross and he has assured me that this increase in security is only a precaution and at the moment there is no apparent danger.  Cross stated that he was concerned by suspicious questions being asked of different citizens of the city and made the decision to place guards at the keep.  The guards are keeping a close eye on the orcs who have recently moved into the area, watching for any suspicious activity.

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