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Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 02 December 2006


Statehoods are groups of Cities or Towns united together as a community with a form of government overseeing the Cities and Towns.  Statehoods are not generally characterized by a single or any [mechanical] alliance or guild, but may contain many alliances and guilds to serve the functioning of the Statehood.  There are usually several qualities that make a statehood:

  • Housing exists in many places, set up as cities and/or towns.  There may be a few distant locations for special purposes (like a building near the ocean to offer dock services). This housing in cities and towns is organized in ways that reflect that the city or town is part of the larger Statehood.  The operating capital of the Statehood could be designated in one particular city of the Statehood, or an independent location such as a castle not within one of the Statehood's cities or towns.
  • A working Government, usually with a leader to organize the cities and towns.  The government style varies by Statehood.  Some are diplomatic with elected leaders, others are a monarchies or oligarchies.  The Statehood is best defined and esablished where its government is clearly defined, has a regular presence, and is acknowledge and followed by its citizens.
  • Citizens and/or Citizen-Guild(s), who make up the Citizenry of the Statehood.  The Statehood will generally have many guilds as citizens.  Some citizens become citizens of the Statehood by virtue of their guild's citizenship status with one of the Statehood's cities or towns.
  • Statehood Culture, where each Statehood is usually unique in some fashion from other Statehoods.  Statehoods themselves may be aligned to evil, good, or neutrality.  Their cities and towns may each have a quality of evil, good, or neutral different from the Statehood. The Statehood generally strives for unity of its cities and towns.  It also usually engages in external diplomacy with other Statehoods and independent cities and towns.
  • Statehood Activity, where the statehood does have citizens around at least a few times each week, usually with some announced meetings or events.
  • Web Sites and/or Message Boards, where there is a way to communicate with their cities, towns, citizens, patrons, and visitors.  The web site or board usually gives information about what the Statehood, its government, and each city or town.
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