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MadJack Print
PaxLair Community
Saturday, 12 August 2006

MadJack (alignment?) (Human-male) Full Name Mad Jack Martigan. Born To Lord Exander and Lady Zhenya Martigan shortly before the discovery of the lost lands in the great city of Britannia in a time when lizard and ratmen roamed the streets. Born into a family of swordsmen it didn’t take him long to decide he would follow in his father’s footsteps of a great warrior. Life was hard and trying, at an early age his parents were killed while hunting lich lords in the dungeons of Deceit. Jack swore to avenge his parents and study the ways of the warrior day and night.

Caring for his younger brother was hard work but he loved him and provided him with the means and encouragement any older brother would give a sibling, Sending him brother off to learn the ways of magery was both satisfying and difficult since he would be totally alone in a vast world of ruthless cutthroats and monsters.

Flourishing in this land learning the ways of chivalry and the sword. After time he met and was befriended by many well educated folk that took him under their wing and provided him with knowledge and no how to do battle with the blood thirsty murderers and monsters of the time. With the coming of the second age he relocated to the town of Delucia in hopes of continuing his skills. Here he met and was befriended by a grandmaster blacksmith named Fox, A wonderful woman with a heart of gold, she would supply him with armor and weapons at no charge even when he insisted to pay.

Also he met a great warrior named G.V.P who helped him learn the skills he would need to thrive in this hostile enviorment. Ophidians roamed freely and unchecked in Delucia and the distant town of papua then and many times would fall under their ferocity. But he did not give up his hopes to be a great swordsman someday.

As he grew he became stronger and more experienced with the sword and fighting the foes he declared a blood oath against by this time. Whilst his brother was becoming more and more interested in the vast seas. The lands surrounding Delucia were full of orcs and other nasty beings to the east and a cemetery to the north. The katana and silver axe were his closest and prized possessions.

Soon after the Age of Shadows while hunting outside Delucia he saw a warrior training his skill in parry with the orcs, he helped to heal this stranger by the name of Shainsung, A noble Knight guilded to the Fellowship of Virtue *V* they soon became good friends and Shainsung offered to sponsor Jack for membership into the guild. There he met Tancred Redstar a kind and noble Elder of great strength and skill who lead the guild. Being knighted was a great honor and he felt he had finally found his place in the world.

Time and experience had served him well as he was now a 5x warrior and kind to all. Giving to a fault he remained a humble yet capable friend, willing to face overwhelming odds to defend or help a fellow sosorian. Ages pasted as he grew and soon a new age was upon the lands, His sword is currently vowed to the citizens of Paxlair and the Red Dagger Pirates. 

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