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Citizens of PaxLair


Winmere [C=D]

Character Information:

Full Name: Winmere

Birthplace: Windmere

Race: Human


Alignment: Neutral

Principles: Balance

Guild: Comfortably Disturbed [C=D]

Position: Mayor's Assistant, Council Member


First Arrival in PaxLair: Day One

Past Titles: Archmage of the Infinite




None Submitted...


Old Biography:

I am one of twins born upon the Isle of Windmere. Different from my sister, I have strawberry blonde hair and emerald green eyes. My parents were quite wealthy and owned much of the land upon the isle. Unlike my sister, who always had her nose in books pertaining to the Arcane Arts and her hand in a bag of reagents, I had a love of the outdoors. By the age of ten, I had explored every inch of the isle and was eager to explore new and different places. My father gave me sailing lessons, which allowed me to explore more of the world.

Outgrowing my tutors by the age of 15, I was sent to the city of Yew to study, since I have a love of the woods and open spaces. My sister was sent to study the Arcane Arts in Britain, under the tutelage of a Grand Wizard. In Yew, I learned the art of bowcrafting, hunting and tracking, rising to the rank of GM Bowyer. I made many trips to Britain to visit with my sister.

Eventually, my sister talked me into learning some of the magic arts. As children, I had resisted all her attempts at teaching me magic, but she convinced me that it would add to my own safety. She said we could spend more time together since I would not be limited to traveling by the Moongates of Britannia. I was very slow at learning magic, since she could only teach me during our brief visits, but learn I did, until I became fairly proficient. I will never be as good as my sister because I do not have the devotion that she has towards magic. I view magic the same as I would any well made weapon or armor, good tools to have, but hardly worth devoting one's life to.

Once our training was complete, our parents called us home. We went for a long visit, but decided not to stay. Our parents talk of marriage and settling down was a little uncomfortable for us, since we had no interest in any of their prospective suitors. A small isle has little to offer when you know every inch by heart. My sister returned to Britain to become an Assistant to Master Winfield, her old tutor. I wanted to explore the world, so I did.

While traveling the world, I received word from my sister that she and Master Winfield had performed some kind of arcane experiment that went seriously awry. The ether was rendered asunder and Master Winfield had disappeared. Although, at times, she could hear him, he seemed to be existing in a different dimension or on a different plane. I returned to Britain to be with my sister, but I fear I was little help to her in undoing the damage they had done.

Shortly after this, we decided to visit our home isle, only to find it no longer existed in this world. I can only think their magical experiments with the ether have sent the isle into oblivion. We spent many years in Britain together, where we met a group of friends, called The Band. They accepted us into their group and we had many adventures together.

Eventually, the ether was restored enough for Master Winfield to reappear in the world. The trip had wrought some changes in this once Grand Wizard. He was weakened, older, and had lost some of his knowledge of the arcane arts. My sister became his teacher, and he, the student. He learned quickly and became proficient in magic again. The Band welcomed the Old Man into their ranks with open arms and he spent much time in their company while pursuing his favorite past time of fishing. I took the Old Man out hunting with me to improve his constitution, although he would rather have gone fishing. It was on one of our hunting trips that we rescued a weary hunter from the death grip of some spectres, only to discover that he was the Old Man's long lost twin brother, Teal.

PaxLair was a vision The Band had of building someday. Many of us worked long and hard for that goal. We needed gold, land and luck. Fortunately, the Goddess blessed us with all those things. Eventually, the dream was realized and the building of PaxLair began. You can usually find me there once a week leading a team of adventurers into parts unknown. Other times, you may find me anywhere, since I do have a wandering spirit.

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