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Quest Discussion Meeting #1 Held in PaxLair Print
News - 1999 News

PAXLAIR - May 14, 1999 - Winfield

The first of many quest discussion meetings was held in PaxLair on this day, within the PaxLair Tavern. With drinks served by Adon the beefy and a special visit by Seer Kristos and Senior Counselor Rmaggedon, the group discussed the latest news of several quests in the lands. The result was a good sharing of of knowledge and a great showing of interest pursue the current quests and to meet weekly in PaxLair. Winmere and Jhym led discussions of the "quest of chests" and the "quest of Mazrim". Seer Kristos listened quietly to the discussions, stated he would gather information during his travels throughout the lands, and attempt to attend next week's meeting.


As a result of this first meeting, we offer here information from the discussion. However, in the future these details might not be made completely available and scribes will be needed to create summaries. People are encouraged to attend the meetings so you may interact and offer your information and ideas.

The next Quest Discussion Meeting will be held in the PaxLair Tavern at 8PM Eastern on Friday, May 21.



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