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PAXLAIR - May 7, 1999 - Winmere

On May 7, 1999, PaxLair was visited for a last time by our friend Seer Daemeon. Through an intricate quest of gathering items for a cure to the Spring of Knowledge and Daemeon's final act of sacrifice, the red Spring of Knowledge was transformed back into its original clear waters and re-titled the Spring of Courage. More than thirty people witnessed Daemeon's final act as the Spring spewed forth flames and sparkled with brilliance. Mazrim's evil touch upon the Spring has been removed and the lost souls within have been released, yet Daemeon's essence remains in the Spring to watch over us for all time. A new age of hope is upon us and Daemeon's final books secured within the Mage tower tell much more of Mazrim, what has happened, and what is to come. Lady Winmere offers this account of this sorrowful yet joyful evening.


Seer Daemeon Purifies the Spring in PaxLair

A weakened Seer Daemeon appeared in PaxLair, seeking help from the citizens in effecting a cure. Many gathered to hear his words, as a scroll, signed by Mazrim, appeared beside him. Mayor Winfield was able to read the scroll before it burst into flames and disappeared. "It said thy quest is at an end, you have lost," the Mayor informed us. Screams of outrage and denial could be heard from the crowd.

Seer Daemeon assured us that there is always hope and if not, we would make our own. Mayor Winfield assured him he could count on all of us for aid. The first few items were quickly and easily supplied, some potions, a few reagents and a crystal ball.

The last three items were a little more difficult to procure. The first, was a vial of living water which had to be obtained from a water elemental who refused to share his living water for our cause. We had to slay it to obtain the vial.

The second item needed was a vial of blood from the Shrine of Sacrifice. Arriving at the shrine, we found a blood elemental waiting for us. All attempts to reason with the creature, who lusted after our blood, failed. Again, we had to slay the creature to obtain the vial.


For the final item needed, we were told to seek out Griingyll and return with the heart of a dragon. Daemeon said Griingyll was nearby and gave us the general direction to search. He sent us off with the hope that we had a few in our party who could resurrect. We found the dragon and chased it all the way back to PaxLair, where the fierce battle continued. It was finally slain in front of the Mage Tower, but not before our kobold, Riki, stole it's heart. Riki gave the heart to Daemeon.

Seer Daemeon, visibly growing weaker, staggered to his feet and moved before the fountain, asking that everyone step back and give him some room. He asked Mayor Winfield to hold his staff. The crowd watched in wonder as Seer Daemeon erected Energy Field barriers to protect the citizens from what he must do. He gave a heart wrenching speech about what had brought him to this destiny and how we must never lose hope.


Daemeon performed the rites to purify the fountain and remove Mazrim's evil touch. Four columns of flame shot upwards and removed the stone placed by Mazrim's hand. Magical energy consumed the area around the fountain and the waters cleared, as the souls held bondage there, were released. Daemeon bade us farewell and died in the final act of cleansing the fountain. For a few moments, one could see the essence of Daemeon inside the fountain. His spirit will live forever in the waters of PaxLair's Spring of Knowledge, now transformed into "The Spring of Courage".

Daemeon's fellow Seers, Nikademus, Kelley, Kristos and Magdalena, felt his passing and came to pay homage to his act of supreme sacrifce. It was a bittersweet moment for all of us. We will miss our friend, Daemeon and the citizens already speak of erecting a stone in honor of Seer Daemeon We will always remember Seer Daemeon's sacrifice when at the lowest points of despair and know... that there is always hope. *smiles through the tears*



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