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PAXLAIR - December 5, 1998

Many people gathered in the Court of Truth for a town-meeting. Besides the common topics that are discussed at every meeting of such kind, there where some incidents that made this gathering very special... Not only did Darius disembowel himself and took his first step on the raod to become a Death Knight, but Atlan meet his fate too. As his turn came, he gathered his notes and stepped up in front for a speech:

Greetings, lords and commons, mages and warriors, good and evil people of Britannia.I am Atlan, called sage by some, seer by others, member of the council of PaxLair.

Of late, our fair city was a board of chess to a certain person, as we were his pawns. Many of you know of whom i speak: the mysterious "N." He never showed himself, and nothing else is known about him except his initial.

First, he practically commanded mayor Winfield to get him some blackrock from the FoA-chests. As this did not work, he got angry and unleashed hordes of monsters upon our city.

Next, he teamed up with the orcs and recruited some unnatural beings to do his bidding. As i have just learned, N. even planted at least one spy in our ranks, the Lady M. aka Melina the thief. This poor lady was forced to steal a precious Device from me by holding her daughter captive.


And now, Arik Lor the master-smith, brother of Father Time, is crafting something...some jewels out of blackrock, which might be used in combination with the stolen Device. Although i am not sure WHAT N. is up to, it is clear it involves the Device, blackrock and the Principles.

My visions have blurred since he first showed up in PaxLair, so i do not know what the futur holds. The light is dwindeling fast, yet i feel N. must be stopped. And now we may have the vital clue that can tell us who and what N. is!

Lady Melina has broken her silence and the spell of binding, put at her by N.! She told me to research "an old heritage of nobless", and gave me some hints on where to look. I will search through the libraries soon, but maybe she will be able to tell us his true name...for she will be with us tonight... I....

What is this?

Who are you?"

Out of nowhere, three figures appaered, circeling the confused sage. Although the citizenry cried out warnings, he was unable to retreat.

The strangers gave their answers their own way:

"We are the Omen to preceed His coming. We are the Darkness that has come for you, seer. You know too much already, you will have to stop. The Lady will not come, and you will not stay. See your futur, sage... *throws glitting powder in Atlan's eyes* Take him away, master!"

A gate opened up on Atlan and swallowed the blinded sage along with his captors. Some brave soul managed to follow them through, but only found himself in the middle of a dungeon, a glittering "N" laid out on the floor...

The citizens began to search far and wide for Atlan, alas to no avail. The reason became appearand when N. sent a message to them:

"Dear citizens of PaxLair, do not waste your time by trying to find Atlan, for he... enjoys my hospitality for the time being. Fear not, for although i did warn him, i will treat him well and even show him a tip of the Truth behind all that is going on. N."

 NOTE: This is part of a continuing PaxLair Player Quest, not a Seer Quest.


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