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PaxLair is Visited By a Blue Skeleton, Seldain, and Soulslave! Print
Written by Winfield   
Saturday, 07 November 1998

PaxLair is Visited By a Blue Skeleton, Seldain, and Soulslave! Chaos Erupts! We Seek the Order of the Blue Skull.

PAXLAIR - November 7, 1998 - Winfield

An eventful Friday night was filled with mystery as a statue appeared in PaxLair, a blue skeleton arrived, Seldain was killed, Soulslave was angered and sent his evil minions down upon us, and we now seek the Order of the Blue Skull. A second Blue Skull was located along with a book; the first skull was at the Suffering Stone near Yew where Zaine the Lurker was killed by the Order. We must find the Order's hideouts throughout northern Britannia and try to help Zaine.

A blue skeleton named "a lost one" showed up in PaxLair near the mage tower, coming from the nearby mountains. We met it and quickly learned it was lost, confused, and not feeling well. It spoke of an "Order". Earlier in the day, a statue appeared near Luigi's telling of the ominous arrival of Gehenna. The statue is surrounded by dead flowers; I, Mayor Winfield examined the flowers closely and a thorn pierced his hand thorugh his glove. Healers immediately aided him and he now appears alright. We showed the statue to the Blue Skeleton and it knew nothing about the statue; it appears the Blue Skeleton has nothing to do with this Gehenna Statue.

Recalling that Zaine the Lurker was killed by an Order of the Blue Skull, we asked the skeleton about the Order. It immediately responded and implied we must find the Order of the Blue Skull, which killed Zaine a few weeks ago at the Suffering Stone near Yew. The Order is a secretive and hidden group that apparently leaves blue skulls in its wake.


Shortly after talking to the Blue Skeleton and letting it rest in the PaxLair Inn, PaxLair people ran back to us near Luigi's and said there was more happening at the front of the tower. We went there and found that someone had killed Seldain. While I did not see it, others said Seldain's skin was changing colors before their very eyes! Unfortunately, someone killed Seldain before we had a chance to talk to him. That is when chaos started. A strange floating creature appeared, and was none other than the Soulslave.


Soulslave was obviously very angered by someone killing Seldain. He called upon his other soulslaves to attack our peaceful town. Not less than 3 other soulslaves appeared to destroy the people in PaxLair. Fortunately, we were in great numbers. The battle lasted more than ten minutes as arrows, bolts, magical spells, and swords flew. The totally black soulslaves were fast and ran from victim to victim. Only a few people perished in the attack, and we eventually eliminated the soulslaves. The floating Soulslave leader leashed out a beating on us. Helpful mages healed the warriors as they were attacked. The warriors and mages tried everything imaginable to bring the Soulslave leader down and seemed to be succeeding. Soulslave then disappeared through concentration into the ether and called forth more undead to finish us off.

Zombies, skeletons, wraiths, and more swarmed into PaxLair. At least two waves hit us as the warriors and mages dealt out their defensive blows. After much chaos, PaxLair defeated the undead. We mourned our losses in battle, picked up the pieces and prepared to relax in the courtyard. Well, the night was not over.


Soulslave Battle

Gwen told us we were to seek a monk in Moonglow to learn more about Alanna, which I will tell about in another article. Alanna was killed by the Caitiff a few weeks ago and is connected somehow to the coming of Gehenna. Ah, now the statue starts to make sense. As one group left for Moonglow and another went to search out the nearby mountains for the Order of the Blue Skull. The second group found a second blue skull and a book by Seer Garak near the mountains. The book is being placed in the PaxLair library inside the Mage Tower for all to read. Now, we must find more evidence of the Order of the Blue Skull. It seems the events that unfolded tonight regarding the Blue Skeleton, Seldain, Soulslave, and the Order of the Blue Skull have brought more mystery upon the kind people in PaxLair. We must now learn all we can and find the Order of the Blue Skull. We must help Zaine the Lurker. We do not know if we will see the Blue Skeleton again.


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