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PAXLAIR - October 30, 1998 - Atlan

Hail fellow citzens,

I have disturbing news for you. Some may remember how i held the seance by the fountain which lead to the contact with the three Serpents. After this seance i used the experience i recieved from the Void to craft a Device. This Device resembled a normal crystal of communication in appearance and usage, but had the ability to breach the borders between our mundane world and the Void. With this Device, some of you were able to actually speak to the Shrines of Virtue! And each shrine revealed its alternative Principle of Chaos, Order and Balance, along with some prophecy of an "Evil that was, Evil that is and Evil that will be again".

Now, my friends, somebody (or something?) seems to have stolen this powerful Device... In the wrong hands, it can be an instrument to wreak havoc to our world! For, you see, it is in fact not a simple communication-device. The Device can be opened to place a focus inside the Core of Power (which enables normal communication crystals to contact each other). To contact the Shrines of Virtue, i enchanted a special gem and placed it at each Shrine for one day and one night for it to develop an affinity to the Virtue of this Shrine. What happened when you actually established contact to the Shrines through the Device, was that it drew a tiny portion of the power of its Virtue.


I am sure the mages amongst you can imagine the danger of this Device, as i used a mundane gem and adjusted the Device to minimal amounts of mystical energy. But whoever stole the Device might not be that gentle... with the right focus, there is no limit to the amount of power that the Device can draw.

Oh why have i crafted such a dangerous machine and then let it fall into unknown hands? I left it at the table where i did my research while i retired to sleep. Old fool, that i am! I had studied hour by hour the possibiltys to redeem the poor Alanna from her vile curse, and over that forgot about the Evil that lurks the lands nowadays! Someone must have sneaked in and simply taken it.

I can only hope it was just a common rogue who will think it is a simple crystal of communication... but why did he then took nothing else? And why are my visions of the futur suddenly so blurred? No, i think...i FEEL something has got hold of the Device and will use it for its own plans, which are, no doubt sinister. Why else steal it and not ask me?

I just hope you can forgive my lazyness and weakness to loose the Device... and keep an eye open if you can learn more about it. Maybe someone knows what it will be used for? But i fear we will all learn soon enough...

Atlan, broken and sad, seer and sage of PaxLair

NOTE: This is part of a continuing PaxLair Player Quest, not a Seer Quest.


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