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Port Baldmor, Trammel Print
Written by Budswoman_Dagr   
Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Port Baldmor

(Home of the Pirates - A Town of the PaxLair Community - 155-07S 74-27E, Bald Isle, Trammel)

Founded November 2005

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Port Baldmor, January 2006

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Arr yar ‘ay be ye’ning to be learned the origins o’ tis pirate’s haven but not much is known of how the place got started. Perhaps it be best to start with some folk lore of the isle...

It is said that about a few hundred years ago this pirate island ran red with the blood of fleeing pirates from a contingent of the infamous pirate Kidd Holley. Seeking refuge from the slaughter of the vengeful Royal Navy off the shores of Buccaneers Den the remaining fleet of pirates managed to crash land on Bald Island.

Tired and worn they thought the worst be over. Sadly mistaken, the Royal Navy tracked this raggedy band of pirates to Bald Island were they finished the last of Holley’s famous Crew. The pirate’s bodies laid mutilated on the beach when the Royal Navy was done. It is rumored that the serpents and alligators grew so big because they drank and ate the remains of the pirate’s vengeance-filled hearts.

Then about November of last year a new band of pirates claimed this island... the Red Dagger Pirates.

One of the first and longest standing structures on the island as far as can be remembered was the Blue Fish Inn. There, any who visited the island could spend a cool pleasant night by the sea shore window listening to the rolling waves in the comfort of a warm bed. The Inn Keeper Milene was one of the first to join the Red Dagger ranks and thus lay a claim to the island that laid so desolate.

Soon after, Buds constructed our island renowned Tavern the Soggy Barnicles. Here you could find anything from simple to exquisite to rare bottles of drink compliments of our sea-fairing merchants. Not only was the drink good, but the company as well (if you are a pirate enthusiast hehehe), and could find gossip on treasure, incoming shipments and other adventures if you had the ear or stomach for such a thing.

Many other buildings on the island have come and gone but not many stay too long. This is probably due to the small availability of land. The houses on the island are small in comparison to the main lands and other islands and don’t attract too many home owners. To us though its home, its haven, it’s a port of our own. Hopefully with the arrival of more pirates these plots of land could be established for good and join the history of the Red Dagger Pirates and Port Baldmor.

All claimed house property on the island has been and are still in the possession of the Red Daggers and we plan to keep our Port for many years to come no matter how many buildings rise or fall.

The Port of Baldmor was made official on the 16th of January 2006 as a pirate-run town headed by Kerrs Holley. With gaining appraisal from the community things really started moving forward. Eventually us pirate became good friends with the PaxLair community and joined their umbrella of player ran towns. On the 28th of March the first paxlair-wide meeting was held on the beaches of Port Baldmor in the eve. Many good things have happened since then and will hopefully continue to do so as we push forward looking for new unclaimed waters to conquer.

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