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June 1, 2006 - Mayor Winfield strongly asks all Guilds of PaxLair to send your Guild Introduction paragraph to him. He will review the Intro paragraphs and send to the Webmasters.  (The menues to the left are under construction -- the top items already work well and will be filled in as information is received.

Guildmasters of PaxLair,

It is very important we describe our guilds to each other and the public.  PaxLair is a Community of MANY guilds, not just one guild.  Therefore, I call upon the Guildmasters of our Cities and general PaxLair-wide Community to provide me with short descriptions of your guilds.

You may see samples of other guild introductions here.

I express again that this is VERY important to our community, your guilds, and our interaction with people on the Shard.


Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair




Special Notice

The following link is provided since PV is working hard on improving their Guild Home Page on and they have many growing responsibilities for the Defense of PaxLair.

Very Active Guild:  Paladins of Virtue [PV] - Check out their Home Page!


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