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Communicating in the PaxLair Community

Communication is very important to a Community!
Yet, it is more vital to make certain the meaning of the message is clearly understood,
no matter how the message is communicated!
(Mayor Winfield, June 21, 2006)


Communication System

Origin, Type, Access










Origin: In-Game
Type: Real-time Text

While in the game, players talk to each other when they are in the same area.  Text appears above their head.

NOTE: All said through in-game text conversation is subject to the UO Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. 

  • The most "realistic" way to talk to people.
  • Can easily role-play through emotes and conversation.
  • Can hold a meeting, meet new people on the streets, tell stories, or even have theatrical plays.
  • Can also whisper to nearby people, or yell to more people within earshot.
  • A journal of conversation can be logged - great for meetings and news report research.
  • Can only be heard within single screen distance.
  • Buildings, tall objects, etc. can block conversation.
  • Can sometimes hear through floors, disrupting the conversation.
  • Ghosts/spies can hear conversations.

Party Chat

Origin: In-Game
Type: Real-time Text

Can "party" different people (up to 10) and talk to them from a distance, no matter where they are on the shard (any facet).

NOTE: All said through in-game text conversation is subject to the UO Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct.

  • Great for "command and control" and reports from different areas during combat, adventures, or quests.
  • Is "private" to just the people in the party.  People around you can not hear what you say unless in the party.
  • A journal of conversation can be logged.
  • Can only be in one party chat at a time, so if on a large adventure of more than one party, can not talk to the other party from a distance. 

Guild Chat

Origin: In-Game
Type: Real-time Text




Alliance Chat

Origin: In-Game
Type: Real-time Text




UO Chat

Origin: In-Game
Type: Real-time Text
(Access: "chat" button on UO's menu bar)
Channel: PaxLair (might have to create it)

A shard-wide UO Chat system while in game.  This is an in-game IRC-like system.

  • Can chat with anyone on shard
  • Can create "private" channels
  • Only works when in UO
  • Shows your current character name
  • No permanent channels; first person to create channel "owns" the channel
  • Takes up quite a bit of screen space on UO game window
  • UO Chat client/window is buggy






ICQ (pigeons)

Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Real-time Text
Recommended client: 2003b 


  • The chosen point-to-point real-time communication system for the PaxLair Community
  • Can see when people are online or away
  • Can send rapid Group messages
  • Receive an audible alert to a new message
  • Used widely by many people in the UO-wide community, even on other shards
  • Have to maintain your own contact lists
  • Best used with two monitors or computers, but still very useful with one
  • Can't reach people not on your contact list


Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Real-time Text

Anyone can join the #uo_PaxLair channel and reach the PaxLair Community (if people are using it).

Register your Nickname on the #uo_PaxLair channel through Mayor Winfield.

  • Best PaxLair Community-wide real-time communication system
  • Can communicate even if not in a PaxLair in-game alliance, guild, or party
  • Extensive help and info files at
  • Best used with two monitors or computers
  • PaxLair Community people may not use this much; we'll see

Ventrilo (Link)

Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Real-time Voice/Text
(Access:  PORT: 3506)
(private access only)

PaxLair Citizens can communicate by Voice.

  • Rapidly support in-game activities without needing to type messages
  • Quickly work out ideas and problems
  • Only for registered users
  • Request access through the Mayor or a Viceroy
  • Ventrilo can be a resource hog
  • Only good for wideband users

PaxLair Alert


Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Real-time Text

Fill out a web form and it sends an alert to designated PaxLair Officials.  If those officials are online, they will receive the alert within 1-2 minutes.

  • Sends an alert fast
  • Officials may not be online, but will receive alert when they do go online
  • No way for officials to directly respond to the alert, unless originator enters ICQ or other contact information
  • Not easy to add many Officials on the alert list






Message Boards

Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Real-time Text Posts; Delayed Responses
(Access: PaxLair Forum)
(Only registered users on board may post)




Web-site News

Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Delayed Text Posts
(Access: PaxLair News)




News Feeds

Origin: Out-of-Game
Type: Delayed Text Posts
(Access: News Feeds from around the Realm)









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