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Written by Winfield_Pax   
Saturday, 29 October 2005

Homare-jima, Tokuno

Established on November 3, 2004
Named as PaxOku on June 20, 2005

PaxOku, January 2007

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PaxOku City is located on Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands (Chesapeake shard). The city was founded as an outpost of PaxLair city on Nov 3rd, 2004. PaxLair City was founded in Fel North of the Chaos shrine in the year 1998. At that time PaxOku was known as the PaxLair Tokuno Outpost. It would within a year come to be known as PaxOku City on June 20, 2005. The city name PaxOku means: "The Place that PaxLair Founded" or more literally "Peace was Put/Created Here". Minister of Knowledge Neo of Lothlore researched and suggested the name.

PaxOku is an open door roleplaying city. All are welcome to come to the city and partake in anything from events to roleplay story lines. To get into contact with any government official all you need to do is click below. This will take you to a place listing the government officals names, jobs and icq information.


Our city has many things to offer you from a City Park to a great City Government. Below you will find a few things we have highlighted for you to look at. If you have an interest in our city or just want to know what we are about, then please take a few minutes to read what we have for you.

City Welcome Center

The PaxOku Welcome Center. Located in the Blue Light Tavern of PaxOku. When exiting the Homare-Jima moongate to the East. Our city establishments, history, Citizen Bios and more are written down in the books. Feel free to read them all if you wish or the things that interest you. Any questions please post on our uoforums or our ingame message board.


PaxOku City Establishments: Taverns-Libraries 

Blue Light Tavern

The Blue Light Tavern is one of PaxOkus oldest and well known Taverns. Running events Every other Sunday and Wednesday nights. Owned and operated by Mayor Gareth and Miss Kayi. The building itself houses the Welcome Center, Tavern, Rune Library and ONN (Oku News Network) Offices. The Tavern is staffed with Bartenders and Waitresses along with a twenty-four hour bartender.

Red Light Tavern

The Red Light Tavern is the Anti tavern to the Blue Light Tavern. Within the tavern you can find a not so nice bartender, pirates, necromancers, Dark Knights and all walks of the shadow. The place is not very well maintained nor cleaned very often....well if ever. If this is your kind of tavern then stop on in.

Silent Rose Library

The Silent Rose Library is PaxOkus first and only library in the city. It has the largest collection of player written books on Chesapeake. Tatania Karthina is the owner of the Library. She has been a Librarian all the way to a mayor of PaxOku city. In her library You'll find wooden boxes on the 2nd floor.. The Case numbers begin with one at the Western corner and go left to right. The Cases are engraved to help you find your way around. Hope you enjoy your visit! Peace and Knowledge be with you.

Silent Rose Stage

The Silent Rose Stage is located on the rooftop of the Silent Rose Library. Productions of "Gone To Wind" and "The Band" have been performed at this very stage. The theater compy is run by Lady Tatiana Karthina as well. She is always looking for new rising stars, production managers, screen play writters and stage hands. It is truely a one of a kind experiance. So stop on by for a show or even be in the show!!!

H-J Rune Library

The Rune Library is located on the second floor of the Blue Light Tavern. It houses runes from Trammel & Felucca dungeons, ore mining and wood chopping, Player run cities and establishments, Shrines and auction houses plus more.


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