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News - 2005 News
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Monday, 17 October 2005

UO Radio Show tour of PaxLair, Felucca -
EM Sienna takes a bath in the Spring of Courage
while EM Masara, Sakkarah and Viceroy of Yew of
UO Radio, and people and friends of PaxLair watch

PAXLAIR, CHESAPEAKE - October 16, 2005

On Sunday, October 16, 2005, UO Radio interviewed PaxLair in a live broadcast with a walk-around tour of PaxLair and PaxOku.  Present were:

  • Sakkarah (host)
  • Viceroy of Yew (host)
  • Mayor Winfield (government)
  • Viceroy Gareth (government)
  • Minister Ilishlaril (quests)
  • Elijah Cross of Paladins of Virtue (defense)
  • Visago of House Elindale (adventures)
  • Lucy, a friend of the PaxLair Alliance (combat)

The show was a walking and talking tour of PaxLair initally starting in the PaxLair City, Felucca and then going to PaxOku on the northern end of Homare-jima in Tokuno.

You can listen to the entire broadcast (2 hours) on the skypage by logging in (register) and go to the "downloads" section, "Interview Archives", "UO Community Members", and scroll down to "Interview of PaxLair of Chesapeake" on October 16, 2005.  You must be registered to listen.  The "download" is "streaming audio".

While you listen, click on the read more link below and view some of the images of the places on the tour.  We will fill in some gaps in the images as soon as we can.  You could even adventure to PaxLair and PaxOku while you listen to the show.  Just see to get to the starting locations.

(A few more images will be added in missing places in the tour in the near future.)


  • Click here to download and listen to the show! (UO Radio login required BEFORE you go to the download link).

    0:00 (time mark on the UO Radio Show) Mayor's Office inside the Mage/Paladins Tower in PaxLair, Felucca

    Sakkarah opens the show and everyone makes their introductions.  Sakkarah asks a few questions about how PaxLair got started.  This segment describes the origins of PaxLair from a guild called The Band along with the concept of Neutrality and Respect over PaxLair's 7+ year history.  In early days there were some fightings amongst people in the meadow, but good overall organization led to a solid foundation for a town.

    10:30 Atop the Mage/Paladins Tower

    The roof is one of the most famous places in PaxLair where Lord British once visited PaxLair (see this link for image and article about Lord British's Visit) and bestowed upon it an honor of a plague placed on the front wall of the tower above the door.  The plaque reads: "Proclamation of Distinction by His Royal Majesty Lord British".  (OOC: While not mentioned in the interview, since it was in Role-playing mode, it was confirmed that Lord British was actually played by Richard Garriott at the time. [November 11, 1998])

    Discussion continues about involvement of the Gods (Interest Game Masters) and a bit of experimentation with the community.  The tour continues to the twin tower to the west via the teleporters on the roof.  Few places in the Realm have teleporters between two buildings.

    14:10 At the Fire Monument next to the Necromancer Tower (the other Twin Tower of PaxLair)

    The tour comes out of the west twin tower to the Fire Monument.  The west twin tower is known as the Necromancer Tower denoting a balance between the Paladins (east tower) and the Necromancers (west tower).

    An attack on the Community of PaxLair
    in a Seer Quest, ca. 1999

    The Fire Monument was placed by the gods actually to prevent the placement of a house that would block the main street of PaxLair.  Once the Fire Monument appeared though, there were several attacks by undead from the Monument via various Seer quests, as shown below.

    Also noted was the famous Duir of Yew that recently changed ownership (June 2005).  The Duir of Yew was an establishment of renown just Northeast of the Yew Moongate in Felucca.  The PaxLair list of Player Towns and Establishments has this entry:

    Duir of Yew: [established: Jan/Feb 1998] [abandoned: ...] [partial ruin: Jun 2005] Founded by Judge Cold, Xanthio, Judge Harm, and Calysta receiving the attention of the gods for special additions to the establishment's area.  It started as a carpenter's shop. it now has many fountains, stages, benches, and statues on its grounds.  A stable exists that once had a stablemaster.  Duir of Yew was open each week at a regular time to cater to wanderers and usual patrons alike.  After a long time in a caretaker status, the buildings finally collapsed in Jun 2005.  The external items, such as stage, statues, ponds, stable, gardens and benches remain, but the buildings are now replaced by others.


    17:20 At the Stables and Statues just north of the Fire Monument

    Statues and a garden exist in the open area behind the twin towers.  Additional Information: One of Mayor Winfield's most notable speeches and ruminations came while he sat on a bench next to the statues on May 27, 1999.  The topic was about Respect.

    The Stable, placed by the gods, was a place to put one's pets during meetings and activities in PaxLair.  A PaxLair stablemaster who owned the Stable House had to stable guests' pets securely in the Stable House (kept private) and then return them after the event.  Later, the gods chose to hire a 24-hour stablemaster to service the public's needs.  However, that stablemaster ran off some time ago, never to be seen since.








    Ladies of the Lair (image taken Oct 22, 2005 after the radio show)



    At the PaxLair Arena Tower, where weekly tournaments were once held


    In the outdoor PaxLair Arena, created by the gods in the early days of PaxLair


    In front of Minister Ilishlaril's quest house.  Also, the EMs arrive.


    At the Spring of Courage (formerly Spring of Knowledge) In front of the Mage/Paladins Tower.  EM Sienna goes for a dip.


    Many people participating in the tour


    At the PaxLair Balance just south and between the Twin Towers


    Ah, a trial and sentencing underway!


    Bells of PaxLair in front of Luigi's Pizzeria behind the twin towers.


    At the PaxLair Town Hall, Felucca just east of the Twin Towers


    Moving on to PaxOku, Tokuno, at the PaxOku Meeting Hall with the waterfall pouring down upon the Blue Light Tavern to the east.


    A quick stop and run by the Blue Light Tavern

    An old meeting hall, corrupted by an evil lady


    (missing image of PaxLair Tea House and the Balance)

    (missing image of Valtos the Void's evil park)


    Minister Ilishlaril's quest house in PaxOku.  Still changing daily as the currents of lore and legend settle into the area.


    (missing image of the Paladins of Virtue Hall)

    (missing image of the PaxLair Gardens)

    (missing image of the Temple)


    Concluding at the Tea House in the Meeting Chamber.  The base of the Balance is seen to the north.



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