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September 19th, 2005 Meeting Minutes Print
News - 2005 News
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Monday, 19 September 2005

PaxLair Meeting at the PaxOku City Hall
next to the Blue Light Tavern

Location: PaxOku City Hall, Tokuno
Host: Mayor Winfield
Duration: 45 minutes
In Attendance:  (21) Dark Misstress [Pax], Shade, Flicker Mystic [4HM], Ilishlaril [Pax], Visago [^E^], King Id [ATD], Lord Exedore [BDC], Elijah Cross [PV], Zion [P|B], Aries [P|B], Zoe Quartermain [LA], Miss Kayi [P|B], Winfield [Pax], Gareth [Pax], Winmere [C=D], Tika [BDC], Casera Lee [BDC], Lord Monk [PxK], Traker [KDB], Marissa [S()S], Synn [R]

Next PaxLair Meeting: September 26, 2005, 9:00 PM ET, Town Hall, PaxLair, Tokuno
Minutes Reported By: Winfield

Topics Covered:

New Event Manager Nina

A new Event Manager named Nina has made her way to Chesapeake from Sonoma. We will all have to keep our eyes open at Myrina Heron's office in East Britain Trammel to see if any events start soon. Thanks to Elijah Cross, she received a tour of PaxLair a few days ago.


Zoe Quartermain [LA]: greetings. I am Zoe the owner of the rune library next to the Homare gate. It's the closest gate to here.

Flicker Mystic: Hail. I am Flicker. i am a thief. i steal artiz in Doom and dojo and the mines and i am also new to all of this. Gareth invited me to come here so i am just checkin things out.

Events Update

Mayor Winfield announced that the Events listing on the PaxLair Skypage will remain fairly current. So visit it often to see what is coming up or happening right now.

Minister of Quests Update

Ilishlaril offered Mayor Winfield a gift in celebration of the new EM who has come to the Shard. Ilishlaril gave Winfield a red sash saying "Member of the Royal Britannian Guard." Ilish went on to thank Marissa and Elijah for "cheering him up" after some bad luck befell him.

PaxOku Update

Viceroy Gareth announced there is a new vendor house in PaxOku down the road. The house where the meetings are currently held, this one, will stay permanently as the PaxOku City Hall due to a water leak and some underground water supply coming up that turned into a nice waterfall. Gareth continued by stating there is a Phantom in the top room of the Blue Light Tavern (BLT). It is a very pushy thing, but nice nonetheless.

Gareth is also running a broker service for various ethereal codes. Interested people may reach him. Flicker Mystic went on to amplify that he was scammed by a lady at a bank for a code, so everyone should be cautious, and deal with trustworthy people like Gareth.

Tea House - New Mayor's Office and more

Mayor Winfield announced that architects and builders leveled the old Tea House. The Tea House was reconstructed with a huge Balance. He will be moving his office into the Tea House soon from the other small building across the road.

Alliance Deliberations

Mayor Winfield announced he is holding off on accepting new guilds into the Alliance until he has a better accounting of the existing guilds in the Alliance. Some Alliance guilds have vanished or become inactive, so the Mayor will try to reach their leaders over the next two weeks. There needs to be better communication between the guilds and more combined ideas. Elves are also now in the PaxLair alliance since some have gone on a quest of transformation back to their elven heritage.

PaxLair to be Interviewed by UO RADIO

UO RADIO has reached PaxLair leadership and requested an interview of PaxLair. This will take place on Sunday, October 16th, 2005 at 5 PM ET. It will last two hours and will be a 'live' discussion. Winfield is working with the UO RADIO organizers.

PaxLair Gardens to include a Museum Soon

Lady Winmere announced the PaxLair Gardens in PaxOku will have a Museum inside dedicated to many historical places, people, and things. It will start with a history of Galen Solstare who is famous for discovering a meteor that hit Sosaria long ago. The Museum will be on the second floor of the Gardens across from the BLT.

Paladins Hall in PaxOku Update

Elijah Cross stated that the Paladins Hall across the road now has runes to many locations, including PaxLair related sites.

The meeting was then adjourned with continued activities...

Tour of Rune Library

At the Mayor's request, Zoe Quartermain led the audience to the Rune Library near the Homare-jima gate. Everyone was amazed at the amount of rune books and its organization. The Library has runes to treasure map locations, all the towns, shrines, dungeons, and mining locations. There's a lot more too. Zoe said it would be an honor to have the building added to the list of PaxOku buildings.

Tour of the PaxLair Tea House

The group then ventured back up the road to the Tea House where a new Balance rocked back and forth in the wind. The Tea House serves as a crafting location, an alliance hall, the Mayor's office, and a place of solitude and contemplation as one seeks their inner balance.

Post-meeting Adventure

Visago then led the group on a daring adventure after the meeting and tours.

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