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Established January 19, 1998 - Chesapeake Shard of Ultima Online
"Proclamation of Distinction by his Royal Majesty Lord British" on November 11, 1998


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    PaxLair Court

    The PaxLair Court hears small to large cases, from small claims to large cases against the Cities and Realm.

    Small Claims Court:  Most cases are small claims and Mayor Winfield or another appointed judge hears cases on a weekly basis, as shown in the PaxLair Events Calendar.

    Superior Court: Large cases of murder, assault and other felonious acts are heard in special Superior Court Cases scheduled as needed.

  • From the Desk of Governor Winfield  ( 23 items )

    Mayor Winfield in his PaxLair City,
    Felucca Office inside the Mage Tower

    The Governor of PaxLair often has many thoughts about PaxLair and the Community at large.  Read what the Governor has been ruminating about.

    Winfield's rather old biography is here (2000).

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