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Established January 19, 1998 - Chesapeake Shard of Ultima Online
"Proclamation of Distinction by his Royal Majesty Lord British" on November 11, 1998


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  • What is PaxLair?  ( 31 items )

    What is PaxLair?

    If you see "Read more..." in any areas below, click on it and learn more about that particular nature of PaxLair.  We try to keep this PaxLair "brochure" as up-to-date and informative as possible.

  • Locations  ( 1 items )

    It is important to document information about locations.  The Realm is a place that must be explored and experienced.  Some locations are hazardous; others are where people assemble in Player Towns; still others are places of unique nature and mystery.  Explore this library of locations, venture to the place, and experience wonders you may have never known.

  • Locations Intro  ( 11 items )

    This is a description of the Locations Category.

  • News Intro  ( 9 items )

    News is a vital part of PaxLair. This category describes the different nature and role of news in this environment.

  • Introduction  ( 13 items )

    Welcome Category.

  • History  ( 12 items )

    This section contains the consolidated History of PaxLair. 

  • Webmaster Menus  ( 6 items )

    Webmaster Menus

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