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Port Baldmor News of 2007

What Boats? Print
Written by Greyylene   
Sunday, 07 January 2007


Vicious rumors have floated above the waves of mysterious disappearances of Navy ships.  Perhaps some deep sea monsters have taken these vessels and buried them deep beneath the blue. Mayhaps the strange sighting of the "Flying Dutchman" is indeed true, and this ghost crew has captured the exhausted sea farers to sail in oblivion for all eternity.

Legends and tales of long ago misfortunes haunt the bewitched United Sosarian Navy (USN) crew driving the few to insanity and beyond. There were yet tales of once strong and mentally sound officers throwing themselves to the mercies of the raging currents.  Entire crews have been found frozen in time adrift on the seas frightened to death.  Certainly there is some fiendish work afoot, a devilish beast from the depths come to the surface wreaking havoc upon unsuspecting Guardians of His Royal Highness.  Such vengeance upon offenses unknown -- is there no recourse for such an action? Could there be any possible proof of another explanation for these mysterious disappearances?


Hard Water Print
Written by Greyylene   
Wednesday, 10 January 2007


Rumors have been high flung that the USN has a new secret weapon in their arsenal.  This day t'was discovered by some crafty DAGR that the water in the Navy port is quite hard! Amazement and shock rang through the decks as the discovery was realized water firm enough to walk upon would be a most unusual asset to be sure!  For now sea battles, which seem to be the Navy's downfall, would now become land battles for which they alone were prepared.  What an advantage is to be had by these crafty devils.   Perhaps to ground the Pirate ships will give an extra bit of chaos in order to take by surprise the DAGR crews.


Little well known fact though is that Pirates art quite used to chaos, for to be sure tis what we bring where e're we voyage.

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USN Foiled Again Print
Written by Greyylene   
Saturday, 13 January 2007

SOMEWHERE IN THE REALM - January 11, 2007 

   Desperate to find their missing ships the Navy dogs have searched vigorously throughout the kingdom hoping against all odds to find them yet in tact.  Tripping over old bones and loose cobble stones they did quite fall into the heart of the Pirate's lair.  Quietly searching this new place of forbidden treasures the scouts toured  the grounds in hopes of finding evidence to bring the salty dogs to "justice".  A deep pool in the midst of the cave gave tale of possibilities.  Torn color standards, pieces of hull and the figure head of a Merchant Ship lost long ago now turned to rubbish in piles of forgotten artifacts used as kindling.  On the verge of a major discovery and perhaps the final breakthrough to cage all the Pirate clan turmoil erupted as the cavern filled with clashing blades, singing arrows and vicious spells hurled from the very ones the Navy sought.


     Wave after wave of DAGR onslaught the USN tried to no avail to secure an escape. One after another of the vicious kings men fell valiant in the attempt to save their sorry hides.  Pent up energies and impatient aggression from repeated quiet insults of Navy treachery all released in this last foul confrontation of assumed allies. Jackman, angel of death, Tel Ket, Kerrs Holly along with the rest of the crews unleashed a horde of angry attacks felling Navy again and again.

    The first kill was chalked to Bullseye who in one ferocious show of power and cunning felled the USN Storm with a deadly arrow pinning her to the floor.  Blind savage energy and focus in the heat of battle earned Bullseye hearty praise and a bottle of ale to celebrate.  Alongside bullseye came Zendatta with his singing blade of ruthless poison and the deamon who calls him master.  As a team  they did fell one after another of the enemy intruders.

    Frenzied battle worn and bleeding the Navy dogs did receive more rudeness as the ground shook from an arctic ogre lord brought out to do the bidding of Bad Juju.  Adding insult to injury Bad Juju took the form of a chicken to rain down insults and mayhem on the war worn USN soldiers.  More icy onslaughts vexed the dwindling numbers as summoned Revenants hounded those who would attempt to hide and stealth quietly away. Crafty Pirates and their devious measures to scurry Navy rats from hiding employed all kinds of devils to do their bidding.

    The grand discovery of the USN came at a high price.  The telling of this secret may go down as one of the great unsolved mysteries in the king's history.  In the end Navy dogs were sent whimpering away tails tucked firmly between their legs.

Wayward Pirate Found Print
Written by Greyylene   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007

January 13, 2007 

Much to the amazement and some great relief the once lost Bad Juju has been returned to the home of the DAGR Pirates.   Found adrift in the open seas surrounded by vicious creatures and half crazed by exposure to the elements the runaground pirate was returning to Port Baldmor and welcomed by Budswoman and Kerrs Holly.

His hair raising tales of adventure and danger will soon be fodder for myth and legends to be passed from generation to generation.  Long will be told of great beasts from the sea, savage natives and lofty pursuits of abundant treasures.   Campfires will burn long into the nights as eager ears hear tell of our lost Pirate's escapades.

Drunken Sailor Print
Written by Greyylene   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007

January 14, 2007 

Hidden deep in the hull of the Vharcan lies a secret stash of special Savage ale.  This special brew has an intoxicating power a bit stronger than that of human stout and even Elves may have difficulty holding it well.   Acquired on voyages deep within the jungles and swamps Greyylene holds it secure for special visitors and occasions of importance or potential.  Some would say its been a cursed brew, as its acquisition was less than honorably gained, where others swear it is made by Savage gods for ceremonial use alone and thus giving it properties of mind control and a tongue loosed of secrets.

It is well known that the Navy Dogs cannot hold their liquor; when opportunity arose to entertain the great Roland Martin aboard the Vharcan ale and wine ran free and wild.   On the pretence of a friendly encounter the Ambassador was heartily welcomed aboard. Many bottles were expired and a great deal of talk ensued. Secrets of the United Sosarian Navy did become loose and free as the ale.  With this information newly acquired the plans were quickly dispatched to eager and waiting ears of Pirates lusty for adventure and short in treasure.


May ye sail well, lads!

Slippery Devils Print
Written by Greyylene   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007

January 15, 2007

It is a bitter admission to lose a quarry made worse to know that it was our foe from which secrets were acquired most craftily. The battle was heated and well fought yet our ultimate prize slipped through our fingers.

Laying in wait for a laden cargo ship known to pass Vharcan and its crew jumped one of the Navy convoy in protection but not before reinforcements came and encircled her trapping the Pirates. T'was a long waged battle but the end saw the Vharcan boarded and taken by USN dogs.  Quickly upon their tails came the Bail Faster filled with mighty men to take up arms and assist in reclaiming the lost vessel.

Juju and Jackman took many Navy hides and made possible for Greyylene to reclaim her ship full of the king's henchmen.  This distraction was well enough to allow the Cargo ship to slip through the defenses of Pirates.   Sitting in the midst of the deep sea a deck full of Navy bodies and taking on water the Vharcan saw the Cargo vessel sail by with no escort and free for the taking, yet with no recourse or ability to pursue.

Bitter the victory in battle yet a great loss of the prize. The day goes to the Navy dogs, yet the lesson learned well and perhaps next time will be an outcome most different!

Port Baldmor's 1st Anniversary: Terror on the Isle Print
Written by Winfield_Pax   
Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Residents and visitors reported terror in the waters and on the beaches during Port Baldmor's 1st Anniversary celebration on January 16, 2007.  Even more monsters came from the woods on Bald Isle as some treasure seekers dug up chests.  The sand on the beach also devoured furniture and at times trapped people as they drank ale.


Many pirate ships and other seafaring vessels answered the call to Port Baldmor's shores.  All engaged in combat with monsters of the deep.  No one could say for certain why these monsters were particularly interested in Port Baldmor.  One pirate said "Arr Matey, they come out of the watery depths to scare us off our isle! Instead, we kill 'em and make some crawl out on da plank!"

Leviathons also dared to attack the beach.  They were quickly turned into crustacean goo.

The partying and revelry continued on the isle for many hours into the evening.  Visitors from far off places such as Guardians Gate arrived by ship or magical means.

Port Baldmor celebrated one year of its official existence as a pirate city.  During that year, Port Baldmor captured the attention of many people on the Shard.  The resident pirates of DAGR and other guilds continue to dominate the south seas, finding ships and shorelines to pillage and plunder.  There is also confirmation that the pirates are campaigning in other areas of the Shard to expand their influence and wealth.  All will need to watch the progress of the pirates over the next year, and mark this day as the Day of the Pirate.  

A Celebration of Pirate Proportions Print
Written by Greyylene   
Thursday, 18 January 2007


Torches lit on sandy shores, food fit for a king (perhaps t'was the king's), rum and ale running free, and treasures to be discovered this is a party fit for a Pirate! It has been said that the Pirates would never see a year together outside a jail cell, especially those of the king's Navy, but this day we proved them quite incorrect. Not only are we yet free from shackles, but we are proud to yet roam the sovereign lands with mischief and mayhem as our guide. Celebration must be had while the having is yet available. Today we drink and eat and revel in the knowledge that tomorrow we may never see. As we sit by the firelight drinking our Pirate ale and reliving the tales of our adventures it has come to mind that more is necessary. More of what? Well asked indeed! MORE of All, say we. More is what was had.

Missed Memo Print
Written by Greyylene   
Monday, 22 January 2007

January 18, 2007

It would appear that there was a secret memo released by the United Sosarian Navy which plainly dictates that any and all altercations with the Red Dagger Pirates must be avoided at all cost. So much hype at the discovery of the DAGR hideout has proven to be a bit of a tease. Tis believed that this is rouse is merely to cause the Pirates to be so grievously bloodthirsty that they begin to turn on themselves.

For the only other explanation would be that the Navy lost their way at sea searching for the hideout.

Events Unfold Print
Written by Greyylene   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007

*Talk ya Navy dog or we'll release the Treatments Team!!*

   *slight nasal hiss from behind the closed curtain*

"Please, sir, try not to wriggle *hiss* this goes so much easier when you don't wriggle *hiss* *cough*."

*blood curdling scream*

*slight whimpering moans*

*hiss* "SIR, you weren't listening to me!!  Now Loook!  Your ears came Clean off your head!" *hiss*


Hours and hours it seemed that the Treatment Team spent with our Prisoner.  T'was thought that the torture was more to hone skills rather than gain information.  In any event the desired effects were had.  A ransom was delivered with the brutality in evidence and is quite certain that demands, no matter how pithy, will be answered.

Civility strained as the ransom meeting progressed.  The look of horror and disbelief on the faces of the Navy Commodore and Admiral stretched their patience far beyond normal men, for this alone was an impressive show of control, as they were presented with our 'evidence' of treatment.   Perhaps this reason was why the others in attendance were not shown the box that Mark delivered.

High strung and antsy the other Navy dogs roamed and fretted about as delinquent children.  After the meeting and Mark's dismissal, in relative  safety, Greyylene was discovered listening to the ensuing conversations seeking knowledge of the general attitude and perhaps some plans to be taken.   Quite graciously the Commodore escorted Greyylene to a less confined area, there was shared Navy Wine to ease the heartache of their battered comrade and perhaps allow for safe escape for the snooping elf.

Meanwhile back on Baldmore Island other Pirates were basking in the glow of vicious victory and an emotional blow to the Navy.   Kerrs Holly anxious to embarrass the USN further challenged Roland Martin to a duel.  This duel was scheduled to be held at the fight arena and they did take the Admiral's ship "The Nidaros".   As soon as they hit open waters Kerrs opened fire with all his Pirate venom and killed the unsuspecting Roland taking his key and hijacking the boat.   "Never trust a Pirate" was the last thing Roland heard before seeing the entrance to the Nether World. Insult to injury now the Navy must retrieve not only their captured officer but also the Admiral's ship.

A Dark Day Print
Written by Greyylene   
Wednesday, 24 January 2007

   Storm clouds gather as if a warning of ominous things to come.  Low spawns in normally high hunting areas have brought many a hunter to the depths of scavenger.   Even dungeons where enemies seldom meet have become a common meeting area.  DAGR and Navy now forced to share space in peace for a common goal.   These heated tensions shalt most assuredly come to an explosive altercation soon.

   As the day wore on the feeling of disaster still hung heavy in the air as a wet blanket on a cold night.   A meeting of forces in Despise took an "accidental" turn when the Admiral's area damage took Buds Shadow to the grave.  The smug look on Roland's face was quite dispersed when several other DAGR's appeared to aid their fallen comrade.   The disgraced Naval officer's despair was brought to an even lower depth when his Commodore cornered him in Shame (how appropriate) to arrest Roland for high treason.

   "Admiral Roland Martin, you are being arrested for fraternization with the enemy, and treason you  will remain in jail until such time as the officers of the USN can hold a Trial."

    The stealthed Greyylene snuck back to the Lighthouse jail hiding in her usual corner to hear any other reports of jest or rouse.   The Admiral looked quite downtrodden and distraught at the thought of having to stand trial by his peers and those below him in rank.  Pacing and looking quite exhausted he was unaware of the presence watching his misery. Time will soon tell the fate of our valiant Admiral Roland Martin, yet the feeling of a dark destiny yet looms in the air.

Pirates and USN Battle it Out Print
Written by Kerrs Holley   
Saturday, 27 January 2007

January 24, 2007

"Well these navy dogs sure do know when to pick a time to fight."

"May-hap they turned tail and ran, we do have our best warriors guarding the island..."

"Nay, ol' commodore Reaver is too proud not to show, he will be here, I just don't know how he expects us to fight at night."

"Too bad your not an elf Kerrs, night, day... no difference to us."

"Well then its a good thing we got a hand ful of your kind with us tonight commodore Buds. You elves will be our eyes."

The Night air was filled with electricity as the pirates gathered around a Bonn-fire and awaited their enemy. Sharpened swords and spears were at the ready to meet the navy dogs. The sandy beach of Port Baldmor was soon to become a battle scene to remember. High above the beach on top of watch towers and the roofs of houses, scouts watched vigilantly at the horizon for approaching ships. Sipping on ale to calm their nerves the Red Dagger Pirates were giving up hope of a battle tonight.

Jail Time Print
Written by Greyylene   
Thursday, 08 February 2007

Our friendly little war has turned personal, now both sides have taken prisoners.  For Pirates prisoners are useless waste of space and air. For the Navy, it appears, prisoners are much more important.

Meandering aimlessly about the realm Greyylene wanders into the Guardian Gate tavern in complete disregard and blatant rebellion to any rules of warfare.   She sits at the bar with her back to the wall and orders a tall glass of wine.  Herders and brigands pass by with little to no notice of the hidden trespasser in the bar.  Suddenly and without warning she is revealed by Tiberius himself and cut badly.  The chase is on as she runs headlong through the swamps leaving a blood trail to follow.

A mighty chase gave way at the Guardian Gate lighthouse jail where from exhaustion and mortally wounded Greyylene is forced to yield. Shackled and led limping into the cell Tiberius stood with a smug smile at his caged bird.  "In the years Soul Reaver served his only prisoner was one he manufactured.  Where now I in one week have already caged myself a Pirate wench."  Now as the recent spectacle of the USN Greyylene stands as a jolly joke battered and caged.


She eyed Tiberius with disdain and distrust as he began to pace before her cell doors.  An evil and deeply troubling grin spread across his face as he peered through the bars at his little prize.  The choice presented to her was neither comfortable nor appetizing.  As way of curbing the elusive and still at large Kerrs Holly the offer that had been originally set no long was available.  No more was there the option of joining the Navy and earning freedom, now the choice was to be burnt at the stake or hanging at the gallows.  "The choice is entirely up to you, my dear."  As he left his malicious laughter echoed in the small cell walls.

Caged Bird Print
Written by Greyylene   
Friday, 09 February 2007

It has been told that when a bird is captured yet allowed to remain "free" the owner will clip its wings so it may not fly far from home.  Perhaps this is the reasoning for the incessant beatings at the hand of Tiberius.  He demands information, yet there is none to give, and he is well aware of this.   To what end does he play this vicious game?

Daily the same routine took place.  Tiberius would walk into the cell smile a wicked knowing grin, demand information and proceeds to deliver 10 lashes then leaves her standing in a small pool of her own blood. He has proven to be a wily foe and nothing he does is without reason.  This recurring torture session only proved to what type a man Tiberius really is.

At the sight of him enter; she reset her resolve not to say anything.  This day there was a different air as he approached. He grabbed her wrist and held it a moment, looking straight into her eyes he spoke the words she had come to expect.  Today the command was almost whispered before he continued with the beating.   At the conclusion he left as usual, only laughing a fierce sneer undoing the bit of resolve left in the Pirate.

Secret Visitor Print
Written by Greyylene   
Tuesday, 13 February 2007

February 7, 2007 

Receiving word of Greyylene's unfortunate incarceration and subsequent treatment Bad Juju was compelled to investigate this treatment for himself as well as bring provisions that would be a bit more comfortable.   Quietly he snuck into the jail, seemingly unseen, to investigate her wounds and to deliver rations and a pillow.  What he failed to know was the spy outside watching the goings on and reporting back to Tiberius.


Before she had opportunity to enjoy the newly acquired provisions the Navy Commodore barged into her cage seeking to beat the where about of her unsanctioned visitor. Beating her nearly to death he continued to question without any satisfaction.  Left to clean her own blood yet again she was left to find the lock pick Juju had concealed in some chicken, which almost broke her tooth as she bit into it.   Tiberius yet again proves he is the heavy hand of justice.

Kerrs Is Dead! Print
Written by Greyylene   
Tuesday, 03 April 2007

Treachery!  The beastly fiends!  Nevyn and his crew have found undeniable proof that Savages have taken Kerrs Holly!   The only thing left is the cutlass Kerrs held.  The horror of this news is unsettling to the DAGR crew.  Most who knew him were aware of the long standing rancor against the Savages, despite the Savage Ale brought back by Greyylene. 

There is some degree of suspicion as to the validity of the account brought back by the USN envoy.   DAGR and USN have come to a temporary truce to battle with the Juka as a united front against the common enemy, however the not so distant past warrant for Kerr's is not forgotten by either side.   It is said the look on Nevyn's face when he reported the incident was of some degree of horror and sorrow, perhaps it is sorrow at not having been able to take the Pirate himself. 

Town's people across the land met this news with mixed emotions.  One full town threw a party complete with a parade at the news of no longer being raided by the notorious pirate.   Others reactions are filled with suspicion and disbelief, those towns where the brothels lie and the bar tenders will miss his ale and gold not to mention the stories of his adventures.  

It is a grave loss for our DAGR guild!  A memorial service will be held as soon as we have remains returned to our Island.  Long Live the Memory of Kerrs Holly of the DAGR Pirates!!

Reaching The Surface! Print
Written by Kerrs Holley_DAGR   
Tuesday, 17 April 2007

"The last thing I remember before dying were those eye's that belonged to the dark robed wizard. That seems like an eternity ago now." Kerrs looked around his glass prison and wondered if he'd ever discover the bottom of this "well of arms". He came to call it that because these hideous ghastly arms and faces surrounded this whole hole downward to the underworld. From arm to arm the bottle containing Kerrs' soul circled downward into the abyss. Each arm was careful never to break the bottle, but none were ever nice. Some arms would shake the bottle, while others would taunt him and even refer to him by name. When lucky some arms passed him along quiet gently, but the momentary lapse of chaos didn't help much. Suddenly, just as Kerrs thought another victim of his was about to poke fun at him, he noticed he stopped moving downward...

" Kerrs! Tis I the Japa you contacted me on earth!" Said one of the faces from the wall. " You told me if I help you when you die, you'd help me be free of this place!"

Kerrs jumped at this first sign of hope and replied, " Arrr, break me prison and I'll make sure we will be free of this torture!" 

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