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Overview of Statehoods, Cities, and Towns


Chesapeake Shard has a LONG history of player cities and towns, even from its earliest beginnings.  Some are very independent cities and others form a common bond within statehood.

Some cities or even statehoods become dormant, abandoned, or ruined over time.  Others remain viable as bustling centers of involvement for many people of every race and creed.

There is even a significant desire within the Realm of people to become more closely associated with the lore, legends, and government of Sosaria and Britannia. 


Britannian Guard assemble in Britain Castle (October 19, 2006) 

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Read below for what we mean by Statehoods, Cities, and Towns along with those fallen dormant, abandoned, or ruin. 



Statehoods are groups of Cities or Towns united together as a community with a form of government overseeing the Cities and Towns.  Statehoods are not generally characterized by a single or any [mechanical] alliance or guild, but may contain many alliances and guilds to serve the functioning of the Statehood.  There are usually several qualities that make a statehood:


Cities and Towns

Player Cities and Towns are wonderful places of activity, comraderie, organization, and overall fun!  Many times, the activity in a player town rivals activity in a town of the Realm, such as Jhelom or Serpents Hold. There are usually several qualities that make a player city or town:


Statehood Cities and Towns 

Cities and towns can declare loyalty and fealty to a particular Statehood.  That Statehood then cares for the city or town and offers leadership, guidance, advice, and comraderie.

Some Statehoods are very open to new cities and towns.  Others may be very strict on which cities and towns may become part of their Statehood. 

Some cities or towns may also follow the teachings and leadership philosophies of other Statehoods, for example a PaxLair City may be very much aligned with the virtues and the ideals of the Britannian Statehood.  This should not cause conflict as long as the PaxLair Statehood, in this example, endorses cities to follow the philosophies of other Statehoods and it does not conflict with its own Statehood.  Yet, the city's first loyalty is to the PaxLair Statehood.


Independent Cities and Towns 

Chesapeake Shard has a LONG history of player cities and towns, even from its earliest beginnings.  Cities come and go as time moves along.  This section lists the ACTIVE cities and towns that have not declare fealty to a Statehood or larger consortium of cities or towns.

As time moves along, some of these independent cities and towns may become part of a higher government and community.  In fact, some of these may choose to be loyal to the Council of Britannia once it is established.  These cities/towns when so declared, will be moved to the proper category under the appropriate higher government or community.


Dormant Cities and Towns

This section lists the DORMANT cities and towns.  The DORMANT cities and towns still exist in some form, usually with buildings and location, but are not very active.  There may be a revival in progress or some old citizens still around in the city or town.


Abandoned Cities and Towns 

This section lists the ABANDONED cities and towns.  The ABANDONED cities and towns still exist in some form, usually with buildings and location, but are not active and there is no evidence the city or town will be revived any time soon.


Ruin Cities and Towns 

This section lists the RUIN cities and towns.  The RUIN cities and towns do not exist anymore or have only a few remnants of their existence.

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