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*CH* - Crest of Courageous Hearts (helping PaxLair) Print
Written by Lady Hester Tarian   

The Crest of Courageous Hearts *CH* has been around awhile. They are lead by Lady Hester Tarian from Nujelm and headquartered at the outpost north of Empath Abbey, Trammel. While they have had knights who earned their titles through their loyalty and a series of quests, Lady Hester took a journey and upon her return, disbanded the *CH* membership, except a few of her own family. Those who remain in *CH* will help in the PaxLair Community and its activities. *CH* is neutral in all politics and government. The guild is now recruiting for friendship, adventure and challenges upon the Realm.

Last Updated ( Monday, 10 December 2007 )
OkuB - Oku City Blue Guard (defending PaxOku) Print
Written by Gareth   

The Oku Blue guard was created by Lady Sarberius. It is run by the chancellor of defense for PaxOku. It was created due to the undead city to the South-West and the ronians to the North East. The Oku Blue Guard also extends into fel from time to time.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 November 2006 )
OkuC - Oku City Crafters (crafter alliance) Print
Written by Gareth   

The Oku City Crafters [OkuC] supports the PaxOku Crafters Alliance.  A review of the Downtown Market in PaxOku is here.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 November 2006 )
PaxO - PaxOku Citizens (mayor, officials, citizens) Print
Written by Tatania Karthina   

The PaxOku Guild is the city's citizens and government guild led by the Mayor of PaxOku. This was made so all citizens can work closer together to better their lives and the city. It also houses the government as well.  The guild also extends beyond citizens who live in the city it reaches out to all those who wish to be a citizen.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 20 January 2007 )
^E^ - House Ellindale (adventure & comraderie) Print
Written by Visago   

House Ellindale was founded on the principles of adventure and comraderie.  We strongly believe in the sense of community that can be achieved through interaction with the citizens of Sosaria.  We include members from all professions and walks of life -- from paladins to necromancers; from miners to scribes.  All are welcome as long as the peace is kept.  House Ellindale hosts Thursday Night Adventures from the Blue Light Tavern in PaxOku, Tokuno.  Come join us and have some fun!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 June 2006 )
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