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Guilds at the PaxLair-wide Community Level

Pax - PaxLair (the governor & ministers) Print
Written by Winfield   

The PaxLair guild [Pax] is the PaxLair Community government guild led by the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood.  This guild is responsible for the overall leadership of PaxLair.  People are only accepted into this guild if they are have a governmental position at the Governor's Office level, such as Ministers, former Mayors, Caretakers, Aids, Assistants, Judges, and others approved by the Governor.  Sometimes people are promoted or assigned to the Pax guild from other PaxLair Community guilds and may still remain part of their original guilds.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 31 March 2007 )
PaxC - PaxLair Constable (the investigative arm of the Court) Print
Written by Winfield   

The PaxLair Constables guild [PaxC] is the investigative arm of the PaxLair Court.  Constables track down criminals who violate the laws of the PaxLair Community and its Cities.  They investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses, pursue criminals, and turn over evidence and suspects to the PaxLair Court.  They are not a defense force for PaxLair; they investigate crimes.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 June 2006 )
PxC - PaxLair Citizens (general Citizens) Print
Written by Winfield   

The PaxLair Citizens guild [PxC] is the PaxLair Community-wide guild for Citizens who are not part of any specific City or Guild of PaxLair.  PxC offers an opportunity for people to become involved in the PaxLair Community, particularly before they choose to move on to a specific City Citizen Guild or some other specialized guild. The guild is fairly open to new members and people may be part of this guild for a short time or for a long time.  PxC is not "mechanically allied" with any alliance or guild so joining this guild does not enable the "in-game Alliance Chat" to any PaxLair Alliances.  To join the PxC, talk to any Viceroy, Minister, or the Mayor.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 July 2006 )
PxK - Knights of PaxLair (the Mayor's Knights) Print
Written by Lord Monk   

The Knights of PaxLair [PxK] are a group of warriors who have pledged to uphold the ways of Chivalry and Virtue and to devotedly serve the Mayor of PaxLair.  They are part of the PaxLair Defense Forces led by the Minister of Defense.  They are also considered the Mayor's Knights for ceremony and protection; therefore, they serve the entire PaxLair Community, not one city.  SEE "PxK" SKY PAGE

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 July 2006 )
PxR - PaxLair Reporters (embedded reporters - don't kill them!) Print
Written by Tatania Karthina   

The PaxLair Reporters guild [PxR] consists of the news reporters who work at the PaxLair Community level for all the cities, towns, and even throughout the Shard.  The Reporters remain neutral in their reporting, however some may have editorials from their own points-of-view.  People in this guild are non-combatant embedded-reporters during conflicts and should not be killed, lest ye see your image in the news in black and white.  In other words, do not kill a PxR reporter, but heal them so they can conduct their neutral news assignments.  People may apply to join this guild through the Lead Reporter.  These reporters are required to have good writing skills and follow journalistic standards.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 June 2006 )
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