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Ruin Cities and Towns

Cities and Towns in Ruin are those where many buildings have fallen and there is no real resemblence of the original town any more.

Aryslan Print


Leader: Jamlyn
Location:  Felucca
Established: unknown; abandoned Fall 2002; re-establishing: Jan 2005; abandoned: Spring 2005; ruin: Winter 2005?
Guilds: Order of the Saphire Rose (OSR)

One of the first player towns on Chesapeake created by the guild Order of the Saphire Rose (OSR).  Aryslan had a great deal of activity near Vesper and Mazrim's Tower of Souls and obtained the interests of the Seers. A statue sits outside the main tower.  The town fell into dormancy.

Camelot Print


Leader: Charles Pendragon
Location:  Trammel
Established: April 2000; ruin: Spring 2001

Founded with the birth of Trammel. Built on Trammel in the same location where PaxLair is on Felucca. Camelot residents built towers and buildings and established a Knighthood. The town seemed to be short-lived due to...

Corwyn Print


Leader: Mayor SortsAngel
Location:  Felucca
Established: unknown; ruin: unknown
Guilds: Coven of the Black Rose (CBR)

One of the first player towns on Chesapeake created by the guild Coven of the Black Rose (CBR). Corwyn was a vibrant town just east of Skara Brae on the mainland and hosted many contests, auctions, and other events. During its height of prosperity, it helped organize shard-wide events and cooperation.

Dragon's Bay Print

Dragon's Bay

Leader: Exedore
Location:  Felucca
Established: Nov 1999; ruin: unknown
Guilds: Black Dragon Clan (BDC)

Home of the Black Dragon Clan (BDC) that is an 'unofficial companion' guild that helps all around the town with whatever they need. The town was destroyed in the attack on the Realm by Minax and Juo'nar. The main center of attraction and activity was the Falconer's Inn.

Gehenna Print


Leader: OM
Location:  Felucca
Established: unknown; ruin:
Guilds: Clan of Vampires (CoV)

A VERY evil city of Vampires.  The tower had tomb crypts created by the gods.  Clan of Vampires (CoV) ran many quests throughout the Realm in the early days of Felucca.  The tower, at the center of the city, eventually fell into ruin.  The crypts may still be there, or possibly buried.

Havenwood Print


Leader: Talimor
Location:  Trammel
Established: Jul-Aug 2000; ruin: later 2001 (Oct?)

alimor of Havenwood (Hvd) created this town for .... It was located just north of Vesper.

Humility Village Print

Humility Village

Leader: Jeg
Location:  Felucca
Established: 1998?; ruin: April 4, 2004

One of the best player towns on Felucca located on Humility Island.  A big festival occured when the city was finally ruined.  Many people gathered to say their farewells to a fine town.

New Corwyn Print

New Corwyn

Leader: Mayor SortsAngel
Location:  Trammel
Established: Jul 2000; ruin: unknown
Guilds: Coven of the Black Rose (CBR)

Established in Trammel near the opening of Trammel upon the same ground that Corwyn existed on Felucca.  Many citizens and patrons migrated to Trammel to establish this more peaceful outpost of Corwyn on Felucca.  This outpost did not replace Corwyn; it just added to it on Trammel.

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