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Ashlynn is the only child of Sylvanna and Daer Hyakarte of Yew. The Hyakarte's were a small reclusive family residing in the deep forests of Yew, living a mostly subsistance existence and avoiding most contact with outsiders, save one young boy from the nearby town by the name of Joachim, who would regularly bring various trinkets and news of the outside world. Sylvanna and Daer were kind and loving parents who doted on their daughter and tried to shelter her from many of the harsh realities of life, something she found a little stiffling as she was growing up.

PaxLair Community

Benito (Human Male - Neutral Order), the guild leader and current sole member of the Drunken Friars (Fryr). I was born to wanderers who left me on my own in Papua at an early age and I grew up in the surrounding areas.

I was once a member of the Healers of Chesapeake (HLR) and while they were active I was the External Relations Minister for that guild and also worked as a skilled arbiter in which capacity my neutral outlook on life was and is a great benefit.

For a time I was a Priest of Sacrifice but most of my sacrifices came out of contentment with my meagre surroundings and I seriously disliked preaching. I did however like the sacrificial wine, so I left the priesthood and went back to being a wandering healer and taught myself the arts of brewing vinting distilling and just plain old fermenting.

PaxLair Community (left the realm)

Benris (Elf-male) (Good-Order) Former Viceroy of Dragons Watch, Felucca (appointed on June 20, 2006, resigned July 18, 2006); many years of age.  Benris follows the three virtues of Humility, Honor, and Valor.  He grew up in Tokuno and arrived in PaxOku, Tokuno after being convinced by his master Fignut the Elder that the PaxLair Community was worth joining.

Blackthorn, Lord (need bio)

(male) (Neutral) We are seeking a good short biography of Lord Blackthorn.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.  Any copyrighted material (like from EA) must be referenced to the source; we will only publish copyrighted information with the author's consent, or we will sufficiently research and paraphrase and cite sources.

British, Lord (need bio)

(male) (Good) We are seeking a good short biography of Lord British.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.  Any copyrighted material (like from EA) must be referenced to the source; we will only publish copyrighted information with the author's consent, or we will sufficiently research and paraphrase and cite sources.

Charlene Howard
PaxLair Community

Lady Charlene Howard (Female, Human)(lawful good) Charlene is the eldest of the Howard sisters.  She was the first to learn to explore as well.  She could carry her sword, and later, an axe anywhere.  First she trained as a swords woman under the guidance of a knight of Caemlyn, Jerimiah.  When Caemlyn disbanded, she went to *CH*, Crest of Courageous Hearts.  She is second in command there but her title is Heavenly Lady, since her most common companion is the Axe of the Heavens.  She is willing to assist any and all, although she is hard to limit to a location.  She has full knowledge of all dungeons, since she has explored most.

Crypt Keeper
PaxLair Community

Crypt Keeper (neutral), A retired ranking officer from the faction wars. He does not look at races by their class or skill level. He is out spoken on his views but remains silent unless spoken to. He treats people as they are no matter if they are Paladins or Necros. He is loyal to those of Paxlair and cruel to those who wish to harm it. He hopes to someday become envolved in politics so they he may help the people of the statehood.

Daemeon, Seer
Chesapeake Volunteers (left the realm)

(Seer-male) (Neutral) A Seer on the Chesapeake Shard (1998-May 7, 1999). Most noted for the Quests of Mazrim and the curing of the Spring of Knowledge (PaxLair City, Felucca) which then became the Spring of Courage on May 7, 1999.

PaxLair Community

Daine - (undead female human) Daine was once a live and active young lady in the Paxlair community, the daughter of Lord Rhydian, a displaced king from another realm, and engaged to the prominent knight, Lord Everman, until, many years ago, her father turned with Lord Darius into a Death Knight and dragged his daughter along with him. Once she was turned, she dutifully helped her father and her Lord to gather more Death Knights until they were a full army of nine and reigned terror upon Paxlair. The lord of Gehenna, the underworld, then summoned them to his side, and Paxlair was free of their wrath for a couple more years. Daine has since then been re-released into Sosaria, where she is tormented by her living past, and struggles with her inner self that wishes to be free from its bonds of evil.

PaxLair Community

Dreckfel (Neutral) (Human-male) Full name Ghuda Dreck Fiule, he was once a soldier in the King's royal army. After proving himself countless times in battle and faction fights he rose through the ranks to Major. Dreckfel was suppose to be promoted to the rank of General of the King's royal army but wasn't due to scandal. He was born into poverty and the thought of a peasent rising into the ranks of Nobility was unheard of. The competing nobles for the rank of General framed Dreckfel and he was dishonorably discharged from the army. After this he found himself a favorite tavern The Cat's Lair, and spent his days drowning in a bottle of one wine or another. Many years passed until one day a pirate named Kerrs walked into the Tavern and convinced the drunk Dreckfel into joining his crew. Dreckfel now washed out and untrained from many years of not fighting finally picked up his bow and quiver again and sweared fealty to his new Leader and Captain.

Elijah Cross
PaxLair Community

Elijah Cross - (Human-male) (Lawful-Good) Retired Minister of Defense for the PaxLair Community; former guild leader of the Paladins of Virtue [PV]; currently co-guild leader of the Paladins of PaxLair [PxP]; 35 years of age. He was born in Trinsic, Trammel [Great Lakes] (1999). He is of course a paladin to the core. He has trained the way of the paladin from a very young age under the tutelage of the Trinsic paladins. He moved to PaxLair City, Felucca [Chesapeake] in 2005 and resides in the East Meadow (86' 39"N, 31' 46"E, Felucca) of that great city to this day. He stands firmly by his beliefs and abhors all evil.  

Eoin Smithson
PaxLair Community

Eoin Smithson - Son of a great yet humble smith, Eoin walks in the footsteps of his father. A quiet man, happy with working with his own hands and acting as caretaker of Gryphon Hall.

Evadne Howard

Lady Evadne Howard (Female, human) (lawful good) Former guild-mistress to CFH Caemlyn Fellowship of Hearts and V^H Vigilant Hearts of Caemlyn. She is no longer willing to participate in guild oriented or political adventures. She is the middle of 3 sisters, but it does not seem she is even related. She is equally at home tackling a monster or chest. With the skills of lock-picking and cartography both grand mastered, she has no problem leading a treasure hunt. She is always willing to do so given some advance notice where she is able to plan for repairs and healing needs. When not hunting, she might be found in the Soggy Barnacle in Port Baldmor.


Evolus (Elf, Male, Stealther-Transformist) Evolus, still a young elf, was born deep in the forests of Spirituality, Ilshenar. However, around the age of 9 his parents lost their minds, and joined up with a group of brigands. Upon their departure, the young elf claimed his new home as Sacrifice, Ilshenar to show what his heart lost during those rough times. Almost fathomed to death a single shadow approached him one night. The shadow of a wolf, and the creature had brought him food. Evolus was able to regain enough strength threw this offering to travel another night, and this is where he found other fellow travelers. They offered him food, and raised him. Evolus ran away from the group of travelers around the age of 15. Since then he has been silently moving from land to land. Some say he is even learning the secret magic of transforming into a wolf so he can honor the creature that helped him in his darkest hour. 

Jasper De Fargo
PaxLair Community

I am Jasper De Fargo.  There is not much to tell of my life.  I am a humble Paladin in service to the community of PaxLair.  I count amongst my friends Winfield, Lenora, Gareth, and Winmere.  I was once the High Paladin of PaxLair. I was taught the ways of the Paladin by Lord Everman, perhaps the greatest Paladin I have ever known and the first High Paladin of PaxLair. In times long past I was the Guardian of the Book of Truth, I spend years battling the vampires of CoV.  I battled against the Great Orc Leader Gorbag, I fought against Mazrim.  My History is rich and full of old lore and legends that I was more than often a part of.  I will say no more save, if you wish to learn more, come I will weave you many of my tales over a pint and a bit of Pizza!!

Jou'nar (need bio)

(male) (Evil) We are seeking a good short biography of Jou'nar.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.

Justine De Fargo
PaxLair Community

I am Justine De Fargo. Resident bad girl. The daughter and niece of extraordinary Paladins. My family has told me that I am a true Paladin at heart. There is the Paladin's sword I can arm. The sword my beloved Uncle said only a true Paladin can hold. I will think about the Virtues later. For now, I prefer being bad. It helps me cope with all I have lost.

If you're brave of heart, journey with me through the pages of my journals. Here you'll read the tale of a Paladin's orphaned daughter and my life since the time of my childhood. It is my fault that all my loved ones are gone forever. This is the pain I live with.

Kristos, Seer (need bio)
Chesapeake Volunteers (left the realm)

(Seer-male) (Neutral) We are seeking a good short biography of Seer Kristos.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.

PaxLair Community

Lenora - PaxLair citizen, Scribe. Formerly known as 'Lenora of Yew.' Born and raised on the outskirts of Casandreal of Yew. Scholar, accomplished author, playwrite, historian, cook, waitress, proprietor. Daughter of an Empath Abbey scholar and a healer. Primarily a scholar, Lenora has been consistently studying and writing throughout her life. Moved to PaxLair in its early stages and became the first waitress at Luigi's Pizzeria. Apprenticed to Luigi for two years. Moved back to Yew for a time, and then returned to PaxLair. Became an official 'Lady of the Lair' and began serving at the Ladies of the Lair Tavern. 

PaxLair Community

MadJack (alignment?) (Human-male) Full Name Mad Jack Martigan. Born To Lord Exander and Lady Zhenya Martigan shortly before the discovery of the lost lands in the great city of Britannia in a time when lizard and ratmen roamed the streets. Born into a family of swordsmen it didn’t take him long to decide he would follow in his father’s footsteps of a great warrior. Life was hard and trying, at an early age his parents were killed while hunting lich lords in the dungeons of Deceit. Jack swore to avenge his parents and study the ways of the warrior day and night.

Magdalena, Seer (need bio)
Chesapeake Volunteers (left the realm)

(Seer-Female) (Neutral) We are seeking a good short biography of Seer Magdalena.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.

Minax (need bio)

(female) (Evil) We are seeking a good short biography of Minax.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.  Any copyrighted material (like from EA) must be referenced to the source; we will only publish copyrighted information with the author's consent, or we will sufficiently research and paraphrase and cite sources.

Mindtrip, Senior Counselor (need bio)
Chesapeake Volunteers (left the realm)

(Counselor-male) (Neutral) We are seeking a good short biography of Senior Counselor Mindtrip.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.

PaxLair Community

NANOC of Ocllo - Growing up in Ocllo was a fun time for me, playing with my friends Samson and Unknown Origin. Trapping small animals for food for our table, my Mom a seamstress, my Father an iliterate barbarian gone most of the time. On my 12th birthday I was given a small sword by my Mother. Holding the sword in my hand I knew it was time to start my journey, to fullful my destiny.

To try and become the best swordsman I could be. I walked out of Ocllo to the north, walking by the smaller animals for they were not my foe, I had bigger more dangerious creatures on my mind. I killed my first mongbat that day. I traveled the island every day hunting, when i could afford it i bought my first armour and shield. I left Ocllo that day to travel the world. On my 18th birthday, with the best weapon and armour made by the finest craftsmen of the land I beached my vessel on Fire Island and rode toward my destiny. To slay the mighty Dragon. That was many years ago and I find that there is always another larger more dangerious creature out there that will taste my blade.

Neo of Lothlore
PaxLair Community

(Human/Elf-male) (Neutral-Order) Full name is Neolys Lwyndys Praximus; Minister of Knowledge for the PaxLair Community (2003-present); former Chancellor and Council Member of PaxLair City, Felucca (2000-2003); 73 years of age.  He follows the principles of Neutrality and Truth.  He was born in Endolein, Lothlore and sailed the skies on his father's schooner.  He took refuge in PaxLair City in Spring 1999 and became a citizen in February 2000.  After enjoying many years as a PaxLair government member, an ambitious law magistrate, and a city council member, he continues as a Minister of PaxLair and regularly resides amongst the tranquility of the many taverns in the land ... with the company of an elven pipe.

Nina, EM (need bio)
Game Masters, Event Managers

(EM-female) (Neutral) We are seeking a good short biography of Event Manager Nina.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.

Nymeria Martin
PaxLair Community

Nymeria Martin (Female, Half-elf) (chaotic good) Nymeria is the younger sister to Virgilia. She also has learned much of the musical trade. However, that is where the similarity to her older sister ends. She prefers to be around animals to people, calming and talking to them in their own language. She is especially familiar with and fascinated by wolves and other wolf-type creatures. Do not be surprised if she disappears as quickly as she is seen.

Orbeus, IGM (aka goatboy)
Game Masters, Event Managers

(IGM-male) (Neutral) Interest Game Master Orbeus/goatboy placed the first "lock down" items in historical PaxLair City during the summer of 1998. He did this to work with the people of a "role-playing player community".  Most of the work was to help the people overcome "mechanical limitations" in building a community.  Through this process, PaxLair City, Felucca received what many call "blessings" to help enhance a large community on Chesapeake.  Such items included fountains, bells, gates, and "NPC" stablemaster.  After a time, IGM goatboy became IGM Orbeus and moved on to other positions of responsibility in the godly world of Ultima Online.

PaxLair Community

Phoenix D'Ville, born in Trinsic, the 5th daughter of tavern owners Lidérc and Helena D'Ville. It was said that Lidérc was more incubus than vampire, a creature that had many different shapes as a man, woman, animal or light, and it drained the energy out of its victims sexually. During the great battle in Trinsic, Phoenix's parents were both struck down leaving her to be raised by her sister, Lady Elaina, who fled with the family to Malas. Phoenix, welding a kyrss at a young age devoted herself to avenging the deaths of her parents and also providing the spoils of her kills to the family home. Lady Elaina having learned of the ill gotten gains from the slaughter of those deemed evil and the killing of innocents sent Phoenix to live with the Sisters of Mercy. She returned from the convent after 2 years, a Paladin dedicating her life to the Virtues.


Quarrion Silver-bow
PaxLair Community

Quarrion Silver-bow; Age: 211 in your Human reckoning. I am a barely an adult by Elven standards. My moral alignment tends toward order and good. I first came to the realms in 2000 on the Oceania Shard where I joined with the venerable Order of the Rising Blade and then became a founding member of The Clan of Virtues in 2003. In late 2004 I left the realms. I returned one month ago and have moved to this shard (I heard of PaxLair from an another of my incarnations)

Rexanna Howard

Rexanna Howard (Female, Human) (lawful good)  Rexanna is the youngest of 3 sisters.  With long flowing hair, you would think she would be a tradeswoman, and that she sometimes is.  She the fire of the forge within her heart.  However, not all is as it would appear.  She was also fully trained by her sister to use the swords she crafts, whenever needed.  However, when she swings the weapon, you will find her eyes are mosttimes closed. She also has a lot of training in the magical arts.  She is hardly ever found without her Bluebug, since blue is even her favorite color.  She is always willing to make repairs, complete a golem if given the supplies, or just give advice for others to learn the skills she has.

Rmageddon, Lead Counselor (need bio)
Chesapeake Volunteers (left the realm)

(Counselor-male) (Neutral) We are seeking a good short biography of Lead Counselor Rmageddon.  If you have one, please submit it to Mayor Winfield.

Se'an Silverfoot

Se'an Silverfoot - Archer/Elf - Good/Neutral - Traveler of the etheral path Se'an finds himself visiting different shards after the Shattering. Moving to Chesapeake when the first moongate opened, he was GM of The Fellowship (TFS) a guild that saw the first foundation set in the area now known as Pax Lair. Se'an traveled to the wars on Siege Perilous which still keeps him occupied.

PaxLair Community (left the realm)

(Human-male) (Neutral-Order) Former Guildmaster of The Band (1998); first PaxLair Captain of the Guard (1998); one of the first over-the-counter merchants in PaxLair.  Thelorn is well noted for his leadership of the PaxLair Guard under Defense Minister Katelyn and his operation of the Second Chance Provisioner (SCP) in old PaxLair.  The gods worked frequently with Thelorn at the SCP on house and storage security before the days of secure storage, vendors, and "lock-downs."  Thelorn retired from the Realm on ???.

Twilight, IGM
Game Masters, Event Managers

(IGM-male) (Neutral) Interest Game Master Twilight came on the scene in PaxLair City, Felucca in 1998-1999 during the time of continued PaxLair development.  He took over support from IGM Orbeus/goatboy and helped enhance and maintain features of a large "role-playing community".  Improvements involved fountains, bells, "NPC" stablemaster, fire monument and more. These were installed for the use by all of Chesapeake, and most still stands to this day.

PaxLair Community

Valmeer (Gonna go with Lawful-Neutral), Another veteran of the faction wars.Became a Knight of Virtue for Ser DragonReborn early in his career. He served under CK for a time and became friends with him after his leader defended him in front of other paladins who said he disgraced the name. Val is not your normal Paladin and has been called such. Like CK he is built on honor and loyalty but he often enjoys the taverns, he drinks little but enjoys the taste of ale and the company of women. Not to mention and good bar fight. He has often been quoted saying that if the Virtues did not want man to indulge in a woman's beauty and the taste of ale it would not have been created. He serves the Virtues but not in a since of traditional paladins. 

Virgilia Martin
PaxLair Community

Lady Virgilia Martin (Female, Half-elf/half-human) (chaotic good) Peaceweaver to ^E^, House of Ellindale, guild. Virgilia grew up with her mother, an elf. Her father had left them after the birth of her younger sister, Nymeria. She was restricted to the Vesper woods for quite a while learning her music and how to keep the various creatures from attacking her. She is now a fully trained bard and peacekeeper. She has her home in PaxOku near the floral maze. It displays both her elven heritage and individuality. All are welcome to her dye tubs and rune book collection. She is now most likely to be found in the Labyrinth if not weaving spells or causing trouble elsewhere.

PaxLair Community

(Human-male) (Neutral-Order) Governor of the PaxLair Community (1998-2001, 2005-present); Primary Caretaker of the PaxLair Community (1998-present); former Guildmaster of The Band guild (1998); 70+ years of age.  He grew up in Yew, Felucca (1997). He is not married and has no children. He courted Elizabeth who died in the East Britain pond.  Later he courted Lady Morgaine of Shadowcove.  He is well known for his interest in fishing and dabbling with the arcane nature of the magical ether, spells, and rituals.  He is a diplomat throughout the Chesapeake Shard meeting and greeting cities, towns, guilds, and people. || SEE A VERY OLD BIOGRAPHY || UOFORUMS PROFILE PAGE || GUILDCAFE MEMBER PAGE 

Xavier Reed
PaxLair Community

Xavier Reed - (Human-male) Xavier Reed, born in the City of Nujelm, is the eldest of two children. There he was raised along side his sister Traviata, by their parents Olivia and Athen Reed. Certain traumatic events there after, led him to the City of Trinsic. There, he desired to study the teachings of their great warriors, but that was not meant to be. Soon after his arrival, he was discovered and recruited into the service of Lord Blackthorn. While in Lord Blackthorn's service, Xavier was manipulated into learning the Arts of Assassination.....Stealth, Deception, and the skill of Poisoning. While his hand was forced to commit crimes against Sosaria under Lord Blackthorn, he did so to preserve what was left of his family, and in return gave of himself the last bit of hope and light, that was left in him. A somber man now, who is left struggling with his daemons, seeking atonement for the past..... can now be found residing north of Paxlair. 

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